Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I fail to understand why the hell Saudi is always doing retardedly STUPID things which not only reflect badly on all arabs but muslims and our religion as a whole. Seriously? Don't they have much bigger problems to attend to other than harrasment of someone's grandmother?? And if it wasn't retarded enough, she was supposedly just getting bread from her dead husband's nephew not having an elicit affair with an indian shop keeper (or least thats what the article says). She's 75 freakin years old, I mean COME ON?!?! How in the hell are they going to go and beat someone that old - for something so retarded? And to make matters worse, its in the news. Its no wonder they have the many problems they do..


Halawa said...

Saudi Arabia is just messed up. They are so double standard and retarded. I really feel for people who live there, including two friends of mine who are constantly complaining about all the crap they go through.

They're stupid!

El Hazard said...

That is the unfortunate truth ><

Roon said...

You know, we used to live there. see, majority of them are indeed close minded, but the ones who seem to break the icy habits are hideous creatures.
Restrictions that are made, are made for a reason. The thing about the Saudi government is that they want their people to be islamically fit, the more the people rebel, the more they will increase their restrictions.
But if their policy of dealing with a crime similar but way worse than this, that means their jails are going to be full and packed with many good people who went bad...

^^ miss ya..
im reading "O~U~A~D" now.. =)

El Hazard said...

Hey Roon!
U were on my mind today and I was thinking, gosh it's been a while. How'd exams go?

I think what Saudi needs to learn is that they arent God's own law enforcement. They're ppl would be in alot better shape if they chillaxed on the crazy laws and policies they adopt and work more on putting out islamic knowledge to ppl. Ppl arent stupid, if you expose the majority to sound islamic info they will accept it and change on their own. They've definitely got way too much testosterone pulling the strings over there >.<

U'll definitely have to let me know what u think of OUAD ;) Btw did I send u the edited version?

Roon said...

Yups, i got the edited one..
I'm almost done with it..
ill reply in email once I'm done..

I'm on the verge of failing in exams. No actually, I am Failing [Big Smiley Face]. I've finally come to a conclusion Circus is open .. =)

Catch ya soon
Peace sister.

El Hazard said...

Aww.. I've so been there. I failed two of my midterms already =S

When ur exams are over lets go hang out, do something fun..live a little ;)

The Spear said...

This is kinda sad. It really does do more damage to Islam than good.