Friday, March 20, 2009

I Am Done

I seriously can't understand people who say whatever comes to their mind with no regard for whether or not what they are saying is going to hurt someone. What is it with them? Do they just not give a damn or is that they are too thick skinned to take into consideration how the other person might feel?

I know at times I read too much into things and I have periods when I'm feeling a whole hell of a lot more sensitive and emotionally insecure about certain things. But that doesn't excuse her from being a tactless 'ho-bag'. In my book we were casual friends but maybe she misunderstood and thought we were close enough where she could say anything no matter how hurtful and expect that her position was such that I might be upset for a while but in the end I forgive her cuz that's what friends do.

I wasn't in a place mentally to put up with the crap spewing from her mouth and my best defense was to leave. I'm entitled to that. Her cue to get her mouth in check and possibly shut up, maybe even text an apology later on. Not her though, she decides its best to follow me and add salt to wound.

That was days ago. I was upset about it, and then I had an amazing math session at Sylvan Institute which drowned out those feelings. But this morning when I woke up her words were already on auto-playback and they still sting. This isn't the first time she's done something like this, but it is the first time that I just can't deal with it. In translation, I'm done. Done with trying to be her friend, done with the effort it takes to be her friend, done trying to figure out why the hell she can't for once stop and consider my feelings. I am simply done.


Roon said...

I was wondering why haven't you been posting and missed reading this post

u noe, we r both kinda stuck in this no crap tendency im sorta lovin' it..

screw them all.. ppl like that are not meant to be friends, they r just no worth u.. im bein so negative here cuz i noe exactly how it feels when someone keeps on dumping crap at ya n at some point u just cant tolerate tolerating them..!!

trust me, her loss not urs..

be proud of ur decision n slam the door in her face.. [figuratively speaking]

she'll noe wt its like.. just dont let'er get to ya.. ur much much better than that..

=) Supporting ya..

The Spear said...

Yeah, screw them. Seriously though, I'm sure you don't need people like that in your life.

Dragon said...

I gotta agree with your pals here. It's so weird, I just posted something like this. Forget her and keep on stepping...course...if it were me I would have made the break tastier by letting her know exactly what I thought of her and her mouth. Would have made everything so much better. Really.

Roon said...

so true..

love ya sis..

we all got our tough times, thats why friends are there.. =)

El Hazard said...


You know, at first I thought it was actually a respect thing. Like maybe the reason she says whatever she wants and doesnt care is cuz she has no respect for me in the first place. I figured, well then let me do something respect worthy. After some more thought, I was like yeah my loyal commenters are right - screw her and everyone else like her.

I miss you, we ought to hang out soon =D

Hey Spear,

Thanx for passing ;) and you are so right I DONT need people like that in my life!

You know me, I dont like to make a scene. I more of the slip away quietly type...

Roon said...

That's what I'm talking about..

u did the least thing n tried to give it a shot, U did ur best..!

=D love it when u stand u for urself..

=D global day is comin soon..
that would be a nice time to hang..