Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm 'it'. I used to love that game as a kid and I guess its really no wonder. Any game that had objective running in it I was all over. (Running just to be running never appealed to me.. probably the reason I hate the cool down rounds we have to run after tennis practice.) I must have played every single variation of tag known to humankind but my all time favorite was 'freeze tag'. Dont bother asking either, cuz I have no idea why it was my favorite.

Remember how, when playing with a group, there was always the kid that every loved to tag, but was usually abandoned by his teammates? I was never that kid, least not that I can remember. At times I would feel sorry for whoever it was though. Didnt stop me from tagging 'the kid everyone loved to tag' or being party to leaving that same kid untagged (freeze tag) for nearly the whole game.

That's the memories associated with the word for me, but this post is supposed to be about the 'electronic tag' I recieved. So four. That's the number of bloggers that came to mind that I should choose one of to write about. La Doctora, Bookworm, Katheria and RAG.

Of all the blogs I read, those 4 stood out. Like the semi-finals in a tennis match, the last 4 standing. BW gets an automatic disqualification on accounts of being 'the Federer' or if you dont follow tennis and dont know who the hell Federer is or what he means in the semi finals of a tennis tournament, then in plain terms BW was the obvious/typical choice. I hate typical when it comes to something I'm doing. 1 down (gomen BW), 3 to go.

LD, fine piece of blogging she had going. Unfortunately something went wrong and she decided to toss it. The tag rules mandate 'members only' - exclusive. No blog, no entry. 2 down, 2 to go..

K, I'd love to write about. I love her blog. Its part of my morning ritual - to go read it I mean.. Come to think of it, its part of my evening and afternoon rituals as well and late night after evenings, and early mornings before actual morning, lol like I said, I love to go to her blog. Sorry K, as much as I love ur blog and thoughts, LJ is kinda on the 'banned list' and the back door has been locked otherwise I'd have smuggled u in ;) Oh wait.. U dont use LJ anymore, hmm, I just checked ur blog. Can't make out wat it is. Hmm, it could be wordpress. Rules said Blogger or Wordpress. I know what blogger layout looks like without even seeing the address. I dont recall ever seeing a wordpress blog before, so it's very possible urs could be wordpress and I just not know that. (Somehow I've shifted from speaking about u to speaking to u. Note to self: I need to put that shifting in check. I do that when I'm writting stories also.) Ah what the hell, the possibilty of ur blog being a wordpress blog is just as high as the possibilty of it not being WP. There, my choice has been 'divinely' made for me =) Ok, choice made I need to go back and read the rules again, see what I'm supposed to write about my chosen one. (I had intentions of making this a two parter but it seems there isnt a need anymore ;) )

Alright, so I'm supposed to talk about the things I like and dislike about K. Hmm, lots to like and not much to dislike ;) I like that she likes animals. She isnt a mainstreamer. Likes random and spontaneous when the occasion calls for it. Understands things that most ppl dont. Smart, funny and blogs on mood. Oh! I didnt mention that she likes video games and cats as well! Aside from all of that though, I think I love her blog most for the effect her posts have. Happy, sad, angry, excited.. no matter the mood of the post I always feel like her words reach out and make you feel those things with her. I can't honestly say I've come across another blog that did/does that. This coming from a blogaholic. I've seen a fair share of them, from the funny and interesting blogs to the 'sadly pathetic keep u coming for more only out of curiosity' blogs. Maybe in a few years time when I am promoted to an authoritive position of blog connoisseur with a fancy title (hey no one calls 'sommeliers' alcoholics =P) perhaps I might know a few more bloggers of K's stock. But until then, my vote's on her ;)

That was actually easier than going with my orginal plan, when I cant make up my mind about something, I wait. Then the first thing that comes to mind, I do the exact opposite. Those first 4 were all pretty much disqualified (RAG because he's a resident and I only know him as far as stalking his blog - plus imagining the reaction one of my fave residents on Grey's would have if they randomly received an E-tag, well let's just say it was unnerving lol.) so that left me to choose from whoever came to mind afterwards. Ruby Woo was the winner of that round.

So this is the part where I tap 5 others to don the members only jackets. Let's see... Ruby, K, Drunk 'n' Gorgeous, I'd tap BW but she was already tagged. Hmm, I can't think of anyone else that would respond to a tagging much less want one. I guess that's what I get for being more of a blog stalker than participant..


Ruby Woo said...

Waiit, if I'm the winner, then how come you didn't say what you like and what you dislike about me!

Bookworm said...

I get the Federer thing, I really do, but I just have the need to say this: I don't like him. I'm more of Nadal kina person *nods head*.

Excellen choice ;) Agree with ya on all the things you said bout kath chan =)

Thanks for doing the tag hun!

katheria said...

Yes, my blog is WP!

Thank you for the tag. I am happy you think these things about my blog. It's very inspiring as most of the time I don't have much belief in my writing... so thank you for the vote of confidence =)

I don't understand, though, should I tag people on my blog too and say things about them?

El Hazard said...


Lol, I was going to choose u because I had scratched all of the first bloggers that came to mind (the 4 I mentioned) and u were the best from the next set when I tried to think who I'd write about. Then I realized after re reading the rules and looking at Kath's blog that I wasnt sure if hers was a WP or not. We could only write about one.

Since u asked though ;) I can tell ya. U know like when u meet someone for the first time and like right away u sorta 'click together'. Neither u nor the other person knows quite what it is but u just feel that connection. That's what I get from ur blog. Give me some time. I've read about half of ur posts so far and I'm pretty sure once I finish them all I'll know exactly what attracts me to it ;)


LOL by mistake I typed "BMW", good I caught it before I published :P

hehe, I really dont like Federer as a tennis player. I mean outside of tennis he seems like a pretty nice guy and all, wat with his charity work etc..

Ur welcome and thank u for the tag ;)


Wow, I think this is going to be my longest comment ever..

Ur welcome;) As for tagging, what I understood was we could tag anyone we know but they have to be blogging on Blogger or WP. My saying things about some of the ppl I tagged or was intending to tag was just me thinking 'aloud'. (I do that in the real world as well;) )

Bookworm said...

Whether it's in the tennis court or outside, federer is just unlikable to me. His aura..


El Hazard said...

'His aura'.. LOL