Sunday, December 07, 2008

For the Love of Gadgetry

After finally upgrading my old blogger template to the new layout thingie all I can think of is why the hell did it take me so long..

Admittedly I've become some what obsessed with the gadgetry in the layout upgrade. Now whenever I come to post I find the urge to mess around with the gadgets and widget things completely overpowering.

I've managed to justify my latest additions by means of giving them a legit purpose. They are simply for "psychomotivation". I mean given my love for making lists and crossing things off of my lists I think this would work wonderfully, least for the reading, writing and memorizing parts. The watching list was just a guilty urge with no real justifiable reasoning behind it.

I ought to get moving. I've got a real life to-do list which includes securing tickets to the screening of an arabic short in the DIFF and buying a 'turkey' for dinner tomorrow..

3ed Mubarak you guys!


Etha said...

Eid mubarak!

El Hazard said...

3ed mubarak to u too =) I hope you had a great day today ;)