Monday, December 22, 2008

Obama's Secret Identity

My title choice suddenly reminded me of a show I used to watch as a kid. The show was called,"My Secret Identity". OMG I just looked it up for the link and found out Jerry O'Connell was the lead boy I had this SUPER girly crush on (haha despite being a major tomboy as a kid I always managed to maintain crushes on members of the opposite sex). Gosh that is such a blast from the past, after I post I'm going to go find the original episodes.

So anyways, I was surfing and came across this vox post about obama and the question of him being arab or not. Generally, I dont care about the details of his life but the post seemed interesting. It was. I loved the way the author pointed out those two facts that ppl often get wrong. It was logical and made lots of sense, I think even the likes of McCain and Paris Hilton could understand from the way it was broken down. If only all americans could be so 'enlightened'.


Bookworm said...

That was certainly an interesting, logical piece of writing..

I have been racking my brains ever since I saw "Llewellyn" in your currently writing section. I felt like I already knew a Llewellyn, but couldn't place this person..after many days, and many nights, i finally realized I did not infact know any Llewellyns of any part of the earth. But I did know a Lynn Flewelling and this Llewellyn sparked a grey cell somewhere in ma brain. Im so glad I finally remembered..tell me when you finish Llewellyn. Got a feelings its gonna be interesting.

El Hazard said...

Lynn Flewelling sounds kinda familiar, I'll have to look him up and see who he is.

Domo arigatou for ur faith in my writing ;) Given the amount of time and thought I've been putting into it I sure hope the fruit of my labour is something worthy of interest =)

Bookworm said...

Lynn Flewelling is the author of "The Bone Doll's Twin", the first book in the fantasy trilogy, the Tamir Triad. I borrowed it from your sister some time last year, and totally loved it. You might have seen it with her, thats why it sounds familiar

Oh, and its a her ;)

El Hazard said...

Now that u mention it I did see that book lying around. It wasnt my type though.

LOL, Lynn is a female name after all. I overlooked that bit since I confused her with the James Bond writer, Fleming, and since both Fleming and my title character are males I just assumed Lynn was a male as well.

The Extravagate said...

I think its because they cant find anything to pick on Obama so they’r tryin to spice up his identity :P
‘secret identity’ really Muslim, Christian or jew who gives a damn he;s the best American president and they know it .. maybe its time to stop acting stupid
And the link ma y6e3 yfta7 :S I tried several times :S

El Hazard said...

Hmm, I get the same problem with Vox sometimes. No worries though, I copied the article and posted it here :

so u could view it ;)

Thanx for passing =)