Sunday, December 21, 2008

Made In America

"What the flip?!?!" Is the first thing that came to mind when I saw the ad. Who in their bloody right mind would pay $3.99 to smell like a freakin burger, let alone a whopper???

"The scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat." is how Burger King is advertising their new men's perfume. And here I thought the end of the world was near when I had to sign in to the oldest MSN messenger because the net has been acting like an ass due to "cable trouble in the mediterranean".. But back to the subject of seductive scents, I truly pity the male who goes out and secures a bottle of that stuff. Wallah what do they see us females as?! Awina we're some carnivorous animals that can be seduced by a male that smells of spray-on artificial beef patty (Not to say that we'd go for a guy that smells like real beef patty either).

The maker, campaigner and buyer of such a retarded product should all be shot.. Or better yet, doused in their ingenuity and placed in some lion/tiger/meat eating animal infested safari. Haha let them seduce the wolves and the vultures can have the leftovers!


Anonymous said...

Scent of seduction? Now that is really sick !!

El Hazard said...

I'd love to say 'only in america' but unfortunately it'll only be a matter of time till someone brings it over here and someone else popularizes it..

Thanx for passing ;)

kath said...

LOL @ that product!!

I have no comments about the cablemajig

El Hazard said...

Haha. No comments necessary on the net mess dear ;) I think we all share the same feelings about it.

On the brightside it has made me remember favorite pastimes enjoyed in pre-net days =D

Bookworm said...

There were pre-net days? Really? :P
This cable business..whats with submarines and ships and god knows what. What did they say went wrong with this 'un? Shark took a stab at it?

LOL..interesting product.

El Hazard said...

Lol, it was pretty hard remembering pre-net days but they did exist:P

From what I understood some ship anchor got caught up with the undersea net cables and I guess it ripped through them or something.

There's an interesting animation in that link showing how they go about fixing the break.