Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Stand Still, Look Pretty

Maybe it's something someone said or did, or maybe it's the fact that my sister is kickin' it in AD for a full week and that means I actually have a life other than being her God-given-Chauffeur, or in the end it might just be a blessing that I should be grateful to Allah for (in any case I'm grateful for this cuz it's all utimately from Him anywayz). Whatever it is I've been feeling pretty much at peace for the past few days - light even. No noise in my head, no feelings of being stretched in every direction at once... I feel like I no longer need to understand "Why?" for anything anymore. True, I haven't changed my opinion that yes "life is a b!tch" but now I feel like as much as a person goes against it they'll only tire themselves for nothing, so in the end it's enough to know what life is and go on through it as best you can, preferably being a bit closer to "holy" so as not to have to spend the next lifetime in an "eternal mother of all B!tches".
In Academic English class we were assigned to write an argumentative essay. We had to submit 3 topics to the teacher and then she'd choose the topic that interested her the most, then we'd have to write it. Of my 3 topics she liked the one about removing math from the required courses in universities (for the majors that don't actually need it). I've been enjoying writing it. I made sure to make it very discriptive and all (turned out to be a whopping monster over 550 words and she only wants between 350 and 400 - means I'll have some downsizing to do before I can submit it next week). Surprisingly though, I find my opinion shifting. I was sitting in class yesterday and suddenly felt that yes, math is important to uni students and yes it has everything to do with MIS - But no, I still hate it despite those feelings. I hate it with every fiber of my being, but for the sake of being able to 'choose' the major I want to study and not the major 'choosing' me based on it's math content, I am willing to keep trying with math no matter how many semesters I have to drop it before finally succeeding (Pray I pass it next time around).
Bloody hell, my stomach is singing it's own off key tune - possibly trying to hint that it's hungry. I so feel like pizza! Papa Johns w/ bread sticks! I really love UoS - no exaggerations there, but it could certainly stand for a few improvements. Namely getting us a Papa Johns (ha), Proper un-restricted net (so Torrent sites could at least be accessible), possibly stop trying to turn our campus into the next over-night Dubai (new landmark buildings are constantly sprouting up on campus and it is seriously going to over-crowd if they don't curb their constructive obsessions.) Bring lounge rooms with sofa beds! (Ha ha HA.. yeah I'm totally dreaming, but hey if they bring the beds I'll at least be able to continue my dreams IN them ;P ) and lastly I wish for more western, or at least more interesting, professors (the current ones with a few exceptions are serious bore-fests).
I seriously don't think I can take the wait, I must hunt down my new found love, "Criminal Minds" and at all costs secure all three seasons (and then proceed to watch them in one mega marathon till I either drop from negligence of basic human needs - food, sleep or general rest - or finish out all three seasons in record breaking time.)
I make my departure leaving a clip for you all... THE HUNGER!!!!!

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