Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Jaywalker

Eyes bright with hope as I wait for my chance
Cars speed by quickly, not one spares a glance

I wait and I wait for that moment to come
That moment is crucial and for it I’ll run

Patience advise me, I rush and I’m done
Alas, adrenaline and I ‘come twined into one

Immortal I am, invincible become
I surely am faster than any one

Such thoughts I believe
This instant conceived

I make my mad dash
Though it ends with a crash

I lay here now bleeding
Dear God am I breathing?

Nothing but lights
And I must be a sight

My plight this would not be, if only I’d waited
Luck this was not, but could only be fated

I wish I had waited, I wish I had waited

My dreams were many
Yet I die with no penny

What will they do?
Oh, this ill day I rue!

My children will starve, my mother will die
The only one left is my wife who will cry

All right she will have, how great is her loss
I’ve made a bad choice with unspeakable cost

And now in my homeland they lay me in ground
The mood is quite muted and sadness profound

I’m sorry my widow, don’t curse me to Hell
My dearest young children I bid you farewell

This is my end that I sorely regret
This tragedy, not me does it only affect.


Anonymous said...

well said!!!

I especially liked the subject of your poem, MashaAllah. A subject that can't be exhausted enough here in the UAE!

thanks for sharing,

*Guess Who* :P

El Hazard said...

U r most welcomed ;) I got the idea last week when I was coming home on the highway (wahdah street but before City Center) and noticed all the ppl waiting to cross. This lady just got hit and died last week as well, there was a pic in gulf news of her laying on the ground afterwards..

"Guess who" eh? Well given all the formulaz and equations that we in section 51 Business Math have been drowned with I can only begin to solve this great mystery of "who" might u be, algebraically...

Twinkie A^1 + Twinkie M^1 = 2GW

(Twinkie A power 1 + Twinkie M power 1 equals 2GW)

For this equation I'll use the Quadratic Formula to solve..

Step 1: Bring GW to the other side

(Twinkie A^1 + Twinkie M^1 -2GW = 0)

a= 1 , b= 1, and c= -2

...... You know, I feel a mathematical induced headache coming on, I think I'll let you guys do the rest :P