Wednesday, April 02, 2008

1 + 1 = -20

The pic is ironically true, least when math is involved. My lab partner (also MIS major) said she finished with accounting I & II and also took Business Math. She doesn't seem to be the study-holic type and I don't think she is. So I asked her how did she find them. She told me BM wasn't so difficult, but it wasn't easy either. I asked what her final grade in it was and she said she got C. I think "Wow" might have actually escaped my lips. I mean for me I don't even like to get B's much less a C but I'd be plenty happy if I managed to get even a D in it (C in the case of math would be totally great). I still feel pretty badly about the first midterm and call me crazy, but, I am thinking that if I do actually pass this semester (Inshalla I really hope I do, I want to take Business Programming in the summer but BM is a prerequisite for it unfortunately) I'd repeat it the next semester or after so I could have a chance at getting an A or *cough cough* at very least a B if it just isn't my destiny to get an A. My partner told me accounting was "very ok" though and that the professor was a really nice guy and all. The way she painted it was a bit reassuring though I can't say I'm actually looking forward to it. Why the heck does MIS have to contain so much math and math-related subjects??? Couldn't they just split it into two streams, like have MIS: math and MIS: non-math... I should just shut my mouth and "shid 7eeli" as I've been told to do.
The week before last I suddenly woke up one morning and felt the crappiest I'd felt in a long time. I'd get really depressed last year and even though I knew the reasons for my moods or partly what was causing them I haven't had it that bad in awhile and thought maybe it was something that just went away. Back then when it used to happen I'd feel like I was losing interest in things and couldn't handle being around most people. This time it was that and more, 10 fold. I didn't wanna see or talk to anyone and I was starting to hate them all, including ppl who are my friends. I was dangerously close to quitting uni, seriously, the place I've dreamed about for years and just like that would have quit. In the end I decided I'd just quit math, I was sure it was partly the cause for the way I was feeling anyway. I should thank my former class rival for not quitting in the end - her AND believe or not one of my tennis teammates who had been one of my least favorites (Coach really is a ________ - fill in the blank, but for the past few months she's been throwing me and that mate together on the same side of the court and inevitably we've been doing a bit of "bonding". Turns out she's actually pretty fun to be paired with and if I had any doubts of burying the hachet, they've been expelled now.). After all of that I went and found a math article and read it. Was interesting and made me feel a little motivated after I did some of the things that were suggested in it but now that I think about it 90% of it was crock-sheemot. It stressed that ppl who are good at math and love it aren't born good in math and it's not about having a brain that is predisposed to math and the ability to understand it. I believe that to be grossly untrue - unless of course I'm just uncommonly stupid when it comes to math - I'll leave that verdict for after I complete all my math requirements for MIS.
Enough talk about math. I think I may have finally found out what it is I need to do to finally be able to beat my original tennis rival again. Somewhere I picked up returning with really sick air or rather in tennis-speak "lobbing". It didn't bother me at first but now it drives me crazy when I go to return and the ball goes really high giving the receiver plenty of time to get comfortably in position and send back a perfect return. BW called me out to play last night. I was still feeling moody when she had asked but said yes - I mean seriously being a person that really hates sunlight, even in that mood it would have been impossible to refuse an offer to play tennis at such a perfect time like 7 (after dark). I'm glad she offered and I'm glad I accepted cuz it was fun and put the last of that mood behind me. Plus, I got two great things yesterday, a new shot (still needs practice) and I think I've figured out how to "lower" my returns - by holding the racket and hitting the ball similar to how I held and hit in baseball. It was working but needs practice. I also figured out what my underspin return needs to be unreachable.. of course that also needs practice. Gosh, it's so much more fun to go to tennis outside of the team practice. Team practice has become dead boring with nothing more than the coach barking orders and being a pain in the ass.
How tired am I! I think I am going to get a sleeping bag. Ha, with an inflatable pillow. That would solve the problems of this bed-less uni - for me anyways, lol. I'm sure by next semester it would have spread like wild fire and then everyone will be getting sleeping bags. Then the fashion war would break out, cuz after everyone has it's just too boring and someone has to go fan the fire. Bedlum would ensue with girls going to great lengths to out do each other with SBs being brought with outragous designs, by name brand designers, from every exotic corner in the world u name it and they'll go for it and at the bottom of all the craze will be me with my original cheap Carrefore (most likely, lol) SB sitting back and laughing like the devil I am at having started such a fad-war at uni. ::YAWNS:: In the end I'm still tired despite the lively image I've just painted.
I have class in a few minutes, so I should probably put my beloved Lt away, splash some water and hope I don't snore in his class.

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