Thursday, January 10, 2008

Marked for Damned

It's funny how people act all high and mighty when they think they have reached some level of 'self-proclaimed' divine authority and think others can be dealt with however they see fit just because they can do such things. Riding high and drunk off of the simple humanitarian favors they with-hold from those upon whom it is rightfully due. Their day, for certain will come. I've marked it here in digital ink, a promise of retribution not far from this day. And who shall pity the fools on the day their arrogance is repaid in full with gracious interest. Laugh now foolish ones for you'll wish for the chance to laugh later...
Those you wrong lie in wait,
You are those whom they hate
Fear, you should, of your fate
Forgiveness you ask?
It's too late
Fury harbored does not abate
Damned you are, at this rate
Remember you well this important date
Forever in power you thought you'd bask?
Is not revenge a human trait?
Revenge is never a good thing but oh how sweet their downfall will be...

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