Friday, December 28, 2007

Lone Wish

When life seems disarray
And I’m furious with dismay
Depressing gloom is set to stay
Leave me not, does she, that way
Supports me firm, the moment I sway
Not many you find like that this day

The days when life seems bearable
She always seems most cheerful
Fills me with feelings incomparable
Grateful I am, yet fearful
She’s unique, irreplaceable
Words can’t really describe her full

Times of joy, she doubles more
Her smile and approval is my reward
True and sincere she makes me feel sure
Rivals the applause of a great horde
Forever her happiness, I pray and implore
And for a friend like her I thank my Lord

One day I hope, I can do equal for her
Says all that nothing withstands forever
And even if that the case it were
I hope our friendship comes not to sever

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