Saturday, November 03, 2007

One day..

It truly bothers me when I lay in bed at night and I think of all the things that I haven't done or accomplished. Its almost a trademark (amongst my immediate family members here at home) to be losers. They seem to have no goals or motivation for themselves save a little spark every now and then, which of course never lasts very long. That spark, of course, is directed towards those members of the family that have the least ambitions - the males of course. It truly makes me ill to see them and I've had it trying to motivate anyone in this screwed family to do anything constructive or of any kind of worth. I've taken it upon myself to be the first to break free of this curse and pave the way for those less ready to venture out without the spoiling hands of their doting parents.

Whenever I want to accomplish simple tasks I usually start by making a list. For as long as I can remember I have always made lists, lists of all kinds of things..wish lists, inventory lists (I like to keep track of my things - I guess it was one of the reasons I keep a list of all the nasheed tapes and cds I have) gift lists, to do lists. With wish, gift and to do lists they were always made up as a reminder otherwise I'd end up forgetting the things no matter how important they may have been. I've always found that in the end even if I didn't quite accomplish the things on the lists I'd come pretty darn close.

I've made a new list of things, things I want to accomplish or do someday (Inshalla). To write the list here would be as symbolic to me as writing it in stone. One day - I'm sure - I'll come back and cross each and every one of these things off, even if blogger or this blog no longer exist I'll at least take satisfaction in doing so mentally.

- Own a Range Rover Sport / Lexus GS430
- Master the Serve and drop shot (Tennis)
- Complete the remaining 7 writing styles (Arabic Calligraphy)
- Write at least one best seller
- Become an unknown philanthropist
- Become an Entrepreneur of something amazing
- Graduate with honors
- Broaden my vocabulary
- Learn Spanish, French, Japanese and Italian
- Improve my Arabic
- Study Psychology
- Master basic Math, Algebra and Geometry
- Become a world class hacker
- Finish Memorizing the Quran
- Learn to control my temper
- Jet Skiing
- Surfing
- Overcome shyness

Not necessarily in the order I put them down as, these are just the things that've come to mind. I guess the ones that are most important to me..


Bookworm said...

It's good that you actually wrote ur goals down. That's step one

InshaAlla you'll be able to do them all. I'm pretty SURE you have it in you.

Gambatte! (Fight-O)

El Hazard said...