Sunday, October 07, 2007

Innocence Lost..

As soon as I got home today from uni, I went straight for the shop downstairs. The door was glass (hmm is there any shop door that isn’t glass..) and when I went to leave I noticed a small boy about 3 or 4 years old standing on the outside of the door. This is like the stupidest door cuz to go in u have to pull it outside towards you. Poor kid couldn’t reach the door handle so he just stood there, he probably knocked on the door but no one had taken note. He had cute innocent looking eyes mashalla. They appeared to shine when he realized the door was finally going to be opened. Made me feel nostalgic. When we were kids everything was simple. An innocent world where our parents were the biggest heroes who would protect us from everything, including the silly things we’d imagine would come out from our closets, under our beds or from what I remember vividly; a stain in the wall which my older sister had told me the boogieman would come out from at night if I wasn’t asleep. A world where wars and tragedies was something we might have heard the grown ups talking about but didn’t understand. Nothing much outside of our houses and families mattered or had any importance. Others were either friends or just people you never noticed and friends were friends we’d never fathom would one day not be our friends or would go away or die – those things just were beyond the realm of understanding in that time of innocence. It’s almost worthy of envy how free of the headache inducing complex situations and stress they are immune to.

I’m really not in the mood to post and it’d be fitting if I stop here before I end up b****ing about today and everything else that’s wrong with this screwed over world.

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