Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Akh Galbee...

(((Drained))) killah min stupid IT assignment malee! Who the heck gives four page assignments for anything much less IT. The stuff we learn in IT is interesting but the amount of times they make us do practical work is pretty annoying, boring and seems like a waste of time. I can’t understand (nor do I want to either!) how on earth some come out of there with failing marks. I mean if you practice something a million times each session you should be able to do it in your sleep – least something simple like what we do in IT class which shouldn’t even be called IT cuz all we work with is MS office and had a brief intro to Windows XP in the beginning. Oh and supposedly we’ll have a short bit at the end of the semester about the Internet.

The assignment was due yesterday. Means I’ll probably lose some marks for late submission unless the assistant who takes are work and does the grading is nice.. maybe I’ll remind her it’s the holy month of mercy XD – but then again I shouldn’t complain cuz it’s me own fault for leaving it till after the last minute.

[Sighs] Only two more exams to go this week before it’s peace till the 25th when I have one lone straggling exam that couldn’t be given now during these two exam weeks. One exam is in a few hours. Advanced Language Skills [translation: Seriously confusing English Grammar, the kind you’d like to bang your head against walls when you have to study and are expected to remember.] I tried opening the book last night and suddenly was plagued by 20 ton eyelids. I fell asleep in the book and woke up at 1am. Read a couple more pages and passed out again. Tomorrow’s exam is Marketing. The class is a bit dry like just bordering on edge of being boring but you can tell the teacher really knows his subject and he seems to be a bit enthusiastic about it so that kinda of keeps you there in the class. He scared us yesterday though. He said we shouldn’t study expecting the exam to be easy and we better cover the 4 chapters (from the book, and all the lecture slides AND our notes) really good if we wanna be safe. Allah yaeena

I should shut up now and go attempt to study a bit more for my exam later on, I hope I don’t fall asleep here and end up missing it!

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