Wednesday, September 05, 2007

عند العيايز كل شي يايز

[ Um Alawi displaying the fruit of success ]
I really like that picture. Um Alawi looks very cute.. Brings to mind a certain person who will get hers soon as well inshalla. I'll definitely capture the moment of her success (inshalla ya rab!) though I won't be able to share it here =P
Somehow even though I have 6 courses they didn't get evenly spread out amongst my weekly schedule. Three days a week I have 5 classes in one day and finish at 4:00. The remaining two days I only have 1 lone class which starts at 11:00 and ends 12:15. I'm happy though. Yesterday (Tues.) I started to get really annoyed in the IT class. We take it in a computer lab. The computers run along the walls so in the corners the person on the computer beside you sits with their back to you. I sit in the corner, usually there are two boys to my left behind me. I don't get any trouble from them except for the occasional chair bump if they happen to push their chairs too far back or whatever. The IT teacher managed to short out all the comps in the lab and he couldn't get them to come back on so we moved to another lab. Two girls now sat in the corner to my left. I was pretty happy about that.. my happiness was short lived though. Class hadn't even re-started yet and the girl had bumped the back of my chair at least 10 times with hers. She was swivelling her chair back and forth and each time it pass the back of my chair it'd bump it. I tried pulling in closer to my computer table but she still managed to bump my chair. It was pretty damn annoying and what was more annoying was the fact that I couldn't get up the nerve to tell her to stop. I tried to focus on something else. The girl to my right was having trouble with her laptop. We were supposed to be working with MS word and she wanted to get rid of the paragraph marks that would come up in any document she tried to work with or open. She called a third boy over (there are only 3 boys in our class and the girls only flirt with one of them) and chatted him up as he tried pathetically to get the paragraph marks off. When he finally gave up and she ran out of things to say she called the IT teacher over. He (surprisingly) didn't know how to fix it - and wouldn't admit to such either. After getting up the nerve to butt in I offered to fix it for her and she totally ignored me! I mean completely and totally. I'd shrug it off and say maybe she didn't hear me but I had pointed at the paragraph mark and was practically touching her laptop screen when I was trying to tell her how to fix it. Nigerella. I know it's her loss in the end and all but I felt pissed about it. Next class I'm going to look for a comp place farthest away from those heffas...
That same day I had my first classes in Principles of Management and Principles in Marketing. I'm not sure what the coming classes will be like but my first management class was love at first "attendance". If it were an anime, hearts would have poured out of my eyes - filled the room and spill out into the hall b3ad. The guy seems like a great professor. Enthusiastic about the class and teaching it. Funny. And so far understandable. After a brief intro about the course the first thing he told us to do was split into groups of four. We did so. Then he handed out little sheets of rectangle shaped paper with lines on them. Each paper had a place for our names, student id # and telephone # and a spot to write down the name of our group. He gave a sheet to a few girls and made them the leaders of their respective groups. It took us a while to come up with suitable names. The Tornadoes, The Flowers, The Black Roses, The M's (cuz all four girls of that group's names start with M), The Leadership Group, The Decision Makers, The Chocos, hmmm the remaining two groups I can't remember what their names are.. The girls in my group came up with "F4" (Hana yori dango). It turned out that they are Jdrama fans. Lol I'm lucky to have watched HYD otherwise I would have been lost and not have known what the heck F4 was. (Arigatou Kath =) ) Our groups are meant to work on case studies throughout the year and even though I had said I never wanted to be in another group work position again this promises to be interesting at the very least.
Gosh I'm tired, these days I can barely stay awake past 1:00 am...

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