Friday, July 13, 2007

Zombie Loan

In case you guys didn't notice, I added the Bees are Best When Busy post to the sidebar where the links are. I'll update the post periodically with new anime I download, highlights and things.
That out of the way, ZOMBIE LOAN ROCKED! The drawing was v.good.. the characters where great.. and the story is seriously interesting.
I just got a great idea for a new post that I'll add to the sidebar.. if 4shared is cooperative I should have that post up in a bit.. if not it'll probably take me the rest of the day to find a suitable 'host'.
Btw: here's a really good episode recap of Zombie Loan if you like spoilers... my advice is to wait for my new post but I like to give you guys options, so click if you're sure u really wanna do that =P

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katheria said...

I think I'll wait for your opinion on the Zombie Loan thing ;)