Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Photographic Desert..

I think I've found a new hobby.. During the countless rides to and from RAK these past couple of days I felt vaguely attracted to this new hobbie but it wasn't until today's trip that I realized how much I enjoy it.. Ha, yet another thing to do when I get a real camera!

These were all snapped in the car which was moving at 120 (I wasn't driving) that coupled with the unfortunate fact that I didn't realize that I was too close to the tinted glass window of the car is the reason the pics look blurry/grainy... ah well shoo asawee? Did you guys guess what the new hobby is? - Lol it is kinda obvious =P (unfortunately blogger isnt working properly at the moment and won't let me upload the rest of the pics. (there are 9 more) How annoying wallah!


katheria said...

Oh let me guess, is it photography?

I also take photographs on long road trips :D

El Hazard said...

Lol, sorta.. but u haven't quite guessed =P

Hint: be more specific ;)

Bookworm said... it photographing deserts?

El Hazard said...

::must remember never to give "good" hints to BW::

Lol, of course you know ur guess was correct =P

I want to go and spend the day out in the desert one day (a winter day of course) and take loads of photographs. The desert is WAY cool!