Saturday, July 14, 2007

More anime..

I feel like I've been very productive in the anime department this weekend.. Ha, after this post I'm going to go get some coffee and find something non-anime related constructive to do. (Inshallah!)
Since yesterday I added 3 more new titles to my anime list. Zero no Tsukaima (1st season), Tokyo Underground and Ergo Proxy. Tokyo looks really interesting! I've seen and heard about Ergo a while back but it never really interested me. A friend asked me to download it for her so since it's on my comp I may as well watch it and add to my collection ;)
I'm considering downloading Shakugan no Shana. Any of you guys heard anything about it or watched it before?
Coffee calls =D ..... and EL Hazard answers! (I'll have to edit my anime list post later, hohohoho)


katheria said...

I saw an episode (or two) of Ergo Proxy. I don't like it. D:

katheria said...

By the way... do they ever quite explain why Enma Ai wears a school uniform?

El Hazard said...

Now that you mention they never did explain and it's really pretty weird cuz she is supposed to be really old and have come from a time when people didn't even have schools (and if they did they certainly didn't require uniform). My guess is she tried to get a bit modern for when she goes to visit folks and decided to steal a school girl uniform off of one of the girls she happened to be rowing off to hell, wasn't like they'd need the uniform in hell anyways =P