Saturday, June 23, 2007

Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me...

(Don't even ask about the just came to mind and demanded to be used!)
I seriously haven’t posted in a while.. duh right? Yeah I know, I have bad habit of stating the obvious. Anywayz, I had/have loads of things to blog about but they sorta got stuck trying to all come out at once.

I finally got a job working a student employment job at my uni. My position is with the administration, data entry over at the medical college. It’s pretty interesting. I get to see plenty of different passports (that’s what I find most interesting). I don’t mind having to sit in front of the computer all day putting in ppl’s info and what not (suits my anti-social nerd personality quite nicely.) My co-student-workers are pretty nice as well. There’s not many of us working the data entry post but the girl that is a regular at that post with me is pretty cool. She speaks English of course.

Our boss lady is super nice mashalla. Like totally polar opposite of that principal of the dump called Mawahib School. This lady totally understands we are humans. We make mistakes and she is really sweet and understanding about it, tells us it’s ok ba3d and all we have to do is tell her about the mistake so she’ll have the heads up to fix it. She also jokes and likes a good joke, appreciates hard work and suggests to us to take breaks every so often. She expects us to explain when she asks us a question (unlike mother supreme at Mawahib, she’d ask a question and get upset when u answer her question). I had a really bad migraine Thursday and text-ed her saying I wasn’t coming cuz I had a headache. Need I say she totally understood and even text-ed back saying “salamat”.

The only downside of all this is that I am there from 7:30 am till 3. That like takes up most of my day. Then I said yes to a part-time tutoring job in the evenings. It’s only three days a week but still. The only other free evenings are tied up with tennis, and coach is as “_______y” as ever. She honestly disgusts me but in the end I think I’m really disgusted with myself for continuing. Those kinda ppl that love pissing you the hell off you just walk away from. I’m a fool, she can get me to the point where I actually show her my displeasure and then she wants to act like I’m just a mannerless spoiled brat. The next day she’s the sweet and innocent coach she’s supposed to be. Of course I think “What the hey, she’s a B**** 6 outta 7 days, I could buck up and handle those 6 days…

I seriously need a new hobby!

Hmm, it seems I forgot to mention the new project I’ve been working on… Guys, I’ve been working on a new project.

There. Mentioned it. Ahhhh. I feel loads better.

In other news, I’ve been watching some pretty interesting anime, namely an anime called Sola. It’s amazing. I’ve been meaning to start watching Death Note again. I started it and got to ep 16. Stopped and watched the movies (AMAZING AMAZING!) and just never resumed watching the anime. I also started watching Lovely Complex. It’s pretty funny. The drawing isn’t my favorite though.

Hmm, I need to go multitask and blogging isn’t part of the menu.

Ja guys =)

(I’ll make a proper anime post later with good pics and glorious detailed comments of each ;) This felt way brief. )


kartheria said...

One of the things that used to really turn off tennis for me was that coach scared me... but now after two years either I toughened up (I hardly doubt that) or she's just really nicer!

I stopped at 15 of Death Note, watched one of the movies some months ago and was in the midst of getting The Last Name recently but somehow my comp turned itself off and I forgot all about it... I'm pretty sure a friend told me about Lovely Complex.

El Hazard said...

If you want the movie I can copy it for you.