Sunday, June 24, 2007

How does one kill a demon???

I am so feeling these lyrics.... I'm tempted to pop the song on my headphones but as I've already learnt that is the wrong way to channel out my anger...
day, day after day.
day, day of reflection.
slip away, sometimes i need to
slip away, are you?(So far gone)
Every time it starts I try to slip away
(So far gone)

Every time it starts!and finally when I'm at my end
sometin' insides gonna break ya, stand up.
nothin's like it was before.
hey, hey whatcha want from me?
stay, stay won't you help me?
slip away, sometimes i need to
slip away, if i need to slip away.
love you.
so far gone
Every time it starts i try to slip away.
(So far gone)

Every time it starts!And if I could find a way
To be out of here and gone
I would leave this 'so called' home
As I'm lying here awake
Wondering how it all went wrong

Found the strength to carry onI don’t understand this world that we are living in
People give me things so they can take them back again
I don’t wanna be
part of history

I just want my life to be the way that it should be
Every now and then I find a way to slip away
Take it now and then there's only so much I can take
If I find a way
I will leave today
(So far gone)
Every time it starts I try to slip away
(So far gone)
Every time it starts....


katheria said...

I dunno exactly what this is about...but I have my own demons that I've been battling for months now.

BTW... did you finish FF12?

El Hazard said...

I got stuck on the level where u have to do jobs from the bullentin board in that store place to get things. I played that on a school night no less and played till I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. I didn't even remember falling asleep but when I woke I was laying right there where I sat on the floor in the living room gripping the controller. Haven't touched the game since. It belonged to my friend anywayz, and she hasn't brought it over since that time.

At the moment I so feel like playing it though, something to take my mind off of demons..

Bookworm said...

If I had things my way there would be a hotline: 800-demon slayer..


Maybe I don't have the skills of a proffi demon slayer, but if therez anything I can do..