Friday, June 01, 2007

Masafi Flavored Water

Despite test results of Masafi water revealing that Masafi contains the highest amount of pesticides in bottled water here and I usually prefer to drink Arwa (bottled water courtesy of Coca-Cola co.) On my outing yesterday I decided to give Masafi's new flavored water a try. The idea at first irked me. I mean if ya ask me I'd rather my water be "fully" flavored not just "touched" by flavoring ... and if it's not asking too much, be "fizzy". It's only because I have the flu and I know anything with sugar would definitely kill me I picked up Masafi's new creation. And it was a good thing too. I had been craving something fizzy - a diet coke really. Although it doesn't have any sugar I'm trying to keep my caffeine intake down so I don't have a repeat of last summer. Plus with the flu even if I drunk some other diet soda without caffeine I just had the feeling I'd feel sicker. My final choice was "sparkling apple" juice or cider can't remember what it was. Tasted horrid. Like animal hospital - or rather like something dead in an animal hospital. I so couldn't believe I had blown 4.50 on something that tasted so bad. I was glad I had picked up the water as well. It was really good. It claims to only be "touched" by peach. Tasted more like peach juice without the thick feeling that peach juice leaves in one's throat. I'm actually allergic to peach juice but it's like Orange juice. I'm allergic to orange juice but I can eat orange flavored things with no prob. (I love orange creme wafers ^_^). Later last night I went back out and got a strawberry flavored masafi... I didn't like it that much. It felt good on my throat though cuz it was cool and I had a fever but that was the only thing it had going for it. I imagine that strawberry one being the poster child for flavored waters, no offense to any of you guys who drink and like it =D
There's a Lemon flavored Masafi as well, I doubt I wanna try it though. I'm not much of a fan of lemon unless it's Lemon Meringue Pie (yum!).
Well I've finally reached the end of this post, what should I label this?? I doubt I'll ever be talking about water again so it might be kinda pointless to make a new category titled "water".. hmm you never know though. Heck this is random and I just might write about water again.


katheria said...

I like flavoured water. I used to regularly get some (mostly lemon) but from a different water brand. It's none-fizzy too.

For labels I would usually tag a post like this drinks! :D

Bookworm said...

LoL so thats what you were talkin bout yesterday..
I'm not a big fan of flavored water (unless its tea or coffee flavored :P) I've tried lots of types and they all seemed like they were missin something..

El Hazard said...

Wow, I really should have thought of that (drinks) I mean duh right? one of these days I'll start exercising my slacking brain ;)

Flavored tea, lol I used to drink lots of it when I was a kid - cuz mother refused to let us smell coffee or anything else caffeinated. She still keeps the closests packed with flavored teas from "exotica land". Only my sis drinks them - Modern day hippie, no caffeine for her.

ur favorite twinkies said...

Alright...Makes a mental list to bring El Hazard some peach juice..or some orange juice..U know, slow posion ;) LOL! Seriously, I was so sure that you would say you were allergic to strawberry juice, too! But to my surprise, you didn't! :S

Anyways, I didn't know you were feversih. Hope u're feeling better and your experiments with flavored water are more successful :P I think I'll stick to regular water.

and I didn't know! i didn't know that Masafi has the most pesticide content..very bad news cause I like Masafi. Now i gotta wonder why!