Thursday, May 31, 2007

Graduation Night

I really really want a real camera! I snapped these grainy pics tonight at my university. They really did the place up for graduation. One could really *feel* the emotions of graduation.. the place is swarming with them - the emotions I mean. One could feel the pride, relief and joy of the graduates just driving through the place. I felt pride when I was reading the list of graduates and saw the name of a girl from my speech comm class. I can only imagine what it must have been like to actually see the ceremony. I had wanted to go to it... I guess if during the whole four years I'm there I don't get to go to a grad ceremony I'll at least have my own to look forward to - inshalla I'll make it to graduation.
Even though I've never cried in front of people before I can admit from now I'll cry there on graduation day. I just have that feeling. Kinda like when I'm watching an anime and I suddenly stop it cuz my bros are around and I know any minute I am liable to cry even before an actual tear-jerker scene comes on.
I found out today that the color of our graduation gown depends on what department we graduate from.. I wanna see what the English Department's gown looks like. If I don't like it I'm transferring XD


katheria said...

Did you ever go to any of your school graduation ceremonies?

Pretty sure I skipped out on each and every one so far. :x

El Hazard said...

This is my first time being in school.. was homeschooled from Kindergarten (KG).

ur favorite twinkle toes said...

hey, i keep trying to commment, and it won't let banned me? hahhaha...seriously, hope it works this time :P

I cried in my highschool graduation :) At first, I was laughing the entire time- my buddies and I were cracking up over the speeches and stuff (not because they were funny but cause we were BORED) but at that last moment...after we throw our caps, as we walked down the stairs, the last time together, as we saw all the parents clapping hysterically, everybody telling us "we're proud of you"....

Yeah, i started of the best moments, EVER...

and unfortunately, my nose always turns RED when i cry...this is why it's not good when i cry because everybody can tell-- they call me rudolph the red nosed friends, that is ;)

Hopefully, you will wintess a graduation and attend yours-- GOSH, we need to find out what color our major is....if we don't like it, let's throw a revolution ;)