Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Something to smile about

Came across this news article... U all can conclude I am smiling like an idiot in anticipation of next week =)

Yi, maybe I'll save my smiling for "after" tomorrow. My midterm speech is due and Language Practice Exam...
Ha, before even tomorrow I have to make it thru the rest of today. Tennis Lesson tonight, means I have to see Marilena the Wicked. If I was a "guy" (ever noticed that all the school shootings have always been carried out by guys?) I'd probably have already beaten her to death with a racket. Monday she went way overboard when I told her I wasn't coming. Thing was I knew I didn't have anymore time on my lesson card and needed to renew it (which is the dumbest thing cuz if one is on the team one really shouldn't have to pay for lessons/team practice..) -I'm obviously broke. That and I was in the middle of doing my speech for my speech exam which at that time was due the next day. My mom wasn't home which would have meant I would have had to catch a taxi to the club. At 7pm infront of my house it takes at least 30-40 mins to find an empty taxi willing to take u to the club - plus the fact I didn't feel like getting off of 8 dhs for it. All of that and it was just more favorable for me to keep my tail home and finish my speech like a good student. My downfall was when I decided to be "decent" and call the club and say I wasn't going.
I really am quite stupid, the last time I decided to pull an act of decency and call in, the coach went whole witch on me and I should have learned my lesson then. Anywayz after some thought I figured the most logical excuse the coach would understand would be that I had an exam the next day and needed to finish my assignment for it. I was telling the gym receptionist that when she decided it was better if I told the coach myself (ha, I feel sorry for all the receptionists over there that have to put up with the TWO wicked Marilenas - the ice skating coach over there is also a Marilena and every bit the devil the tennis Marilena is... maybe it's the name?) Anywayz I barely finish saying I couldn't come because I hadn't finished my assignment and she blows up on me. (I made the mistake about going for tennis the night before that with my doubles partner) She just kept going on and on and on about how come I didn't know I had that assignment to finish the night before when I was there playing tennis (I actually thought I was going to finish it the next day before tennis anywayz) and why was I only calling ten minutes before the lesson (technically I could do that cuz I hadn't renewed my card and they don't like to let u go for ur lesson anywayz if u don't pay so I could have even called 50 mins into the hour lesson and said I wasn't coming and it wouldn't have made a damn difference) I told her anywayz I hadn't paid and I was just calling to let her know (as if the animal cared) then she tells me (I called one day an hour before the lesson and cancelled and she told the receptionist to write me in as absent meaning I'd miss that lesson and wouldn't be given a make up) she erased that absence they had written in so I had a lesson (Wallah! since when did the coach start doing things like that?? I don't even think that's allowed) but she sees I didn't deserve her generosity (that's exactly what she said) and if that's how I'm going to be then she isn't going to be generous anymore (WTF???!! Her and the word generous are exact OPPOSITES). Then she goes into how I'm not taking my responsibilty as a team member seriously and how I come one day and then miss the next 5 days (i SWEAR she's lying.. this month I've only missed two lessons and even those were way apart) and that she also sees that she probably made a big mistake promoting me to the team and she's done me a FAVOR (her exact words ppl) and I'm being ungrateful for that favor cuz with her favor team members are paying like 3 times less than the regular tennis students blah blah blah.
Maybe it's totally wrong but when ppl tell me they are doing me a "favor" like that - wallah I'm paying and coming and we practice while she sits her ________ in the chair and yells at us for 90% of the lesson (she rarely gets out of that chair anymore)- but yet she's doing me a favor??? Does favor not mean u are actually doing something for the person? I never asked to be on the tennis team.. I stopped going for nearly a month while I was getting everything together for Uni and quitting MPS, one day she happened to see my sister after skating practice and she asks about me. My sister told her I was planning to go to Uni and join the tennis team there and BAM all of a sudden the coach tells her she has this offer for me and I need to contact her right away.. But in her opinion I went and begged her to please please put me on the team.
My blood was boiling. Of course that meant the end of rehearsing my speech. At the last minute I decided I was going to turn my persuasive speech into a speech to persuade my mates that the tennis coach was truly wicked just for the sake of being wicked. I am so sure that topic will get me a straight A for my presentation and argument alone. Seriously what the hell does she gain from being the way she is and saying the things she says?
My doubles partner/friend signed on msn that night. She hadn't gone to tennis either cuz she was out someplace on a school assigned trip or something and got caught in traffic and couldn't make it back in time. Even though she knows the coach can really get down and witchy she was still amazed that the coach could actually say the things she said. By then I was seriously going to quit tennis for real. Who in their bloody right mind pays to be spoken to like that? When I'm that angry I usually don't listen to what others say but some how my friend managed a direct hit to my biggest weakness and I reluctantly agreed to stay on. I so wasn't feelin it though.
The next morning in Grace's class, which is supposed to be about analyzing articles and determining the modes and purpose of writing, "suppposed to" I said but lately she's been going pretty psychology class on us. It was good though. I really felt her class that morning. It seemed as if it were tailor made for me to hear that day. She was saying that sure teachers and ppl in general say spiteful things which make us turn around and wonder and think deeply as to why or how could they say such things. In the end they don't care and we should learn to adapt/tolerate and not let such things get to us (of course she said it in a way cooler so psychology class way) I felt loads better when I walked out of her class. But in the end I still wasn't prepared for my speech. When the speech comm doc called me up I decided to try my luck and ask for a postponement. I nearly died from shock when he said "ok".
Both the speech comm doc and Grace seemed totally weird when I first met them but they've definitely earned my respect..
(Gosh! I so hadn't meant to write about all of this in this post... maybe I should change the title it only suits the first paragraph...... no I'll leave it as it is.)


katheria said...

Is the ice skating coach really as scary...?

El Hazard said...

uh huh, only not as open about it as coach tennis. No worries though, even if u go back I doubt u'll see it from her. From the skating coach I mean.

Bookworm said...

It's great that gracie has made a turn for the better..

And Allah y3eenich with the tennis practice! I can remember being the recipent of some lashing comments from her, but she honestly outdid herself this time.

El Hazard said...

I gave it to that tennis coach last time, she knew she got me angry and tried using her dumb jokes and cheesy grins. I gave her the silent treatment for most of the practice and if I absolutely had to speak to her it was not more than 2 syllables.. I didn't even bother greeting her when I got there or left (lol u know how crazy that gets her when u don't "greet" her...)she really enjoys making biting sarcastic comments and feels comfortable that no one is going to talk back or get pissed with her, it's high time someone turned Mr. Hyde on her..or rather "Ms. Hyde" =P