Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cappuccino on my mind

I officially love my university.. yes love with a capital L.

Only had pocket change today and was seriously craving coffee. Craved it so bad I didn't care what kind it was. Black expresso, latte, cappuccino, mochaccino- heck even arabic coffee would have been fine. As I waited for my 9:00 class I was eyeing the coffee machine. (it's one of those machines u just put coins in, this cup comes down into a holder thing and then the machine makes all sorts of swishing sounds as it prepares the coffee...super cool.)
40% of the girls stop in front of the coffee machine - which is right beside the snack machine- and buy coffee and chocolate before class. Looks really good but since I'm on a diet and currently very proud of the fact that I have managed not to eat any junk whatsoever for a whole month now - the exception of a mini snickers and a mini bounty, the really really small inch size minis, which so can't count - chocs are out the question. I was dreaming about coffee throughout my classes today.
At the end of Speech Comm (my last class for the day) my friend called me and decided we should go to the cafeteria and get something to eat. I wasn't much in the mood for anything though I would have settled for a milk shake but they don't sell any there. In the end neither of us got anything. We walked over to the student affairs building to see about getting student ID cards and behold there in the main hall stood a coffee machine. (Come to think of it I think all the buildings in each hall HAVE a coffee machine!) The machine was literally shining in my eyes. "I will definitely have that coffee." was the only thought on my mind.
I was amazed at the choices. I think there were like 6 or 8. Expresso, Cappuccino, Chocolate Cappuccino, White tea (tea with milk it said in arabic but it was translated as "white tea" in english- Karak wannabe no doubt. Ha ha, I don't think I even wanna try that.) Hot chocolate..... I can't remember the rest! I decided one could never go wrong with cappuccino. Only time cappuccino is disgusting is when it doesn't have enough sugar. There was a button that said extra sugar - beside another button that said no sugar. I assumed the cappuccino would have sugar then.
It was pretty weird buying a hot drink from a machine. I had only seen a coffee machine like that in the movie Terminator 2. I put my 2 dhs in, made my selection and down came the cup. The LCD screen read: Drink in Process. (COOL!) Swishing sounds were coming from the machine and after a few seconds it beeped and the screen read: Take your drink. It was really foamy and looked as a proper cappuccino should look, lol. I was 60% sure I was going to regret not selecting the extra sugar option though. I was 99.9% wrong ;)
Durn best cup of cappuccino I've tasted since the great cappuccino I used to buy at the Emarat gas station's bakeria!
From this day forth I will never leave for uni without life saving pocket change - hahahha my cappuccino shall depend upon it!


Bookworm said...

Ah, for a glass of coffee right now.

It's always fun discovering new coffee places/machines that make good coffee.

katheria said...

MashAllah, a whole month without junk food? That is so admirable. I need to borrow some of that self control so that the sugar levels in my body don't cause me some kind of brain trauma. *eyes the box of toffifees that I've practically ate all by myself*

I've never even seen such a vending machine! Although the other week I had my eyes turn into hearts at the juice vending machines lol.

El Hazard said...

Lol, amazingly I don't craze junk food much anymore. I guess maybe I have gotten used to it.

The first week was a bit hard. The second week it got easier and by the third and fourth weeks junk food more or less ceased to exist in my mind. (I don't think I've lost much weight but my face is starting to clear up so I'm happy =) )

I remember seeing a juice machine once when I was 5 or 6 in a hotel we stayed at. Haven't seen one since - until I saw a couple in the uni.

I snapped a couple of pics of the coffee machine and will put them up soon ;)