Saturday, December 02, 2006


A poem that attacked my brain today. I seem to have a knack for starting things and being unable to finish them - how pathetic.

When the clouds become one
And block away the light of the sun

The skies darken and the seas waves beat the shores
And the heavens shake the earth with suppressed roars

Then begins “their” descent
From the heavens to the earth they are meant

Descending in seemingly single file
Descending upon the earth’s bile

Droplet after droplet the streets and gutters fill
Drop by drop they collect until they spill

Darker and yet darker becomes the sky
The birds cease to fly

The wind makes known its existence in magnificent howls
And the clouds begin to spew forth from their bowels

Over the ocean the wind battles
With the force of a thousand cattle

Spreading and devouring all in her path
Trees leave their roots bowing to her wrath


Bookworm said...

Brava, brava!

"Until the streets and gutters fill"

Eh, that's such a sharjah thing :P

El Hazard said...


I was describing a sharjah rainstorm ;)