Friday, December 08, 2006

Something to think about

December ’83 the date of sail
And sail it did 23 no fail
‘Tis vast sea around from prow to tail
No direction decided, no deeds to scale
By Divine Fate this won’t prevail
To exist and do nothing will not avail

I have found my “direction”
And can but hope for perfection
To teach with perfection my newfound obsession
The sea unappealing in such a profession
I truly feel ill when I see such aggression
The way of some teachers is only ‘suppression’
No good can come from suchlike transgressions

Translation of the poem is below in blue

The things that go down in Al Mawahib Private School are just appalling. At the moment one teacher in particular stands out just dripping “evil” all over the school. Her name is Khadijah. I’m not sure what her last name is but if I knew it I’d post it here as well. I hope one day she stumbles across this blog and reads about how her own atrocities have found their way to the net, a blog no less were the amount of eyes that will read about her are unlimited. Ha ha. Maybe I’ll drop her a note with this address saying she might want to go have a look at a certain post. ::evil grins::

Anywayz the lady is British and believes she is God’s gift to mankind. She treats the kids like pieces of unwanted garbage and worse. Gives new meaning to the word “snob” as she is too good to return a greeting (I made the mistake of trying to be friendly in the hall a couple of times as I passed her and she totally gave me the upturned nose.)

She is the English and Science teacher for grade 2 at the school. Whenever I am going to my class or even sometimes I am standing in my classroom with the door closed, I hear that lady yelling – and not just raised voice cuz they are making too much noise, yelling yelling like a donkey screaming or the devil bellowing – at those poor kids. I cringe when I hear her voice and I know full well she can’t do anything to me. I can only imagine what those kids must feel. They don’t have the luxury of knowing that she can’t touch them or do anything to them cuz she does DO and she DOES do more than just touch. She took one boy, hit him in the head with a book, slapped him in the face, grabbed him and told him she’d “kill” him…. I don’t know what the reason for that was but I am damn sure there is no reason EVER to do that to any kid much less a student. The kid’s parents came in and the lady swore and denied everything. Two other boys saw her do it. They were called to testify and she swore they were lying. Even had the nerve to call God as her witness.

In another incident she called the Math teacher a “B!tch” in front of the whole 2nd Grade class. The math teacher stood in shock not believing what came out of that lady’s mouth and she then said “Yeah, u heard me I called u a B!tch.” At that moment one of the students asked: “Teacher what means B****?”

Lucky for the math teacher that there was an assistant teacher in the classroom and not just the kids. The administration always prefers to look the other way whenever the math teacher and Khadijah have fights. This time since the math teacher had a witness Khadijah was forced to apologize. She claimed that that language had “just slipped out”. Now I ask, how in blue hell does profanity just ‘slip out’ in the presence of a classroom full of little 2nd graders?

Yesterday I was supposed to go on a trip with my kids (I refer to my students as my kids) to the airport (We went and they embarrassed royal hell outta me). The principal said we were going to leave as soon as all the kids got there so it made no sense for me to trudge up those stairs to hangout in the forsaken musala. I sat down in the hall on an extra desk that had been pulled out of one of the classrooms. The desk was cattycorner to the grade 2 classroom. The door was sprawling open so I could hear Khadijah clearly. My ears hurt from the sound of her voice and I felt my blood warming up on its way to boiling. Hearing how she was speaking to those kids was angering me. Why the hell was she being allowed to continue teaching those kids? I was moments away from going to the principal and asking her what the hell was up with that (sure I know they are so damn desperate for teachers that they’d probably hire a twice convicted murderer if one came to apply. But that’s their fault that they are desperate, if they were decent and straight people great teachers would come running.) Just as I was rehearsing what I’d say and was really of full intention to go and say it, the principal walks by sees some kid and gives him a tongue lashing that rivaled those of Khadijah’s. It was like Damn, that’s why Khadijah is allowed to do such things cuz the principal is no different. The only thing she probably wouldn’t do is let profanity slip out in front of a class of kids – actually I take that back. If situation is right then I wouldn’t put it past her.

It was then while I was sitting there imagining all the ways those kids must be traumatized day in and day out 5 days a week by Her Highness Khadijah, that I decided I want to be a teacher. (lol I know I’m a teacher now, what I mean was to choose that as a career.) I know that my becoming a teacher won’t help all the kids who have horrible teachers but knowing that I at least was a good teacher for the kids I do teach and that I made a difference (I hope) for those few would make me happy.

1. My birth date.
2. I’ve now lived 23 years.
3. There are so many places (goals) a person can choose from.
4. And yet I haven’t decided on a goal or purpose to work towards/for, and haven’t accomplished anything of significance in all of this time.
5. It was fate that found me sitting in the hall yesterday and after hearing that lady with her class I finally decided what I wanted to do.
6. It’s impossible to live without any goal whatsoever (sure there are probably people who can live like that but it’s unsettling when u think about it. Makes me feel worthless.)

7. Sitting in that hall I made my decision and now have a ‘direction’ or goal to work towards.
8. Of course with anything a person does they want to do it the best they can or to the best of their abilities.
9. I will aim for being an excellent teacher.
10. Teaching isn’t fun when u have students who don’t wanna learn or the administration of the school is dishonest and twisted (MPS isn’t the only school that has a corrupted principal who sees nothing wrong with changing the grades on exam results!)
11. I feel really badly for those kids in grade 2.
12. That teacher isn’t the only one who is rough with kids. If you don’t make it interesting for the kids and squash out the things they deem important of course they are going to get bored and misbehave etc.
13. Those kids will probably be traumatized for life…

Inshalla they’ll get (the kids I mean…not that damn school, I hope that school crumbles by the time those kids reach grade 3) an amazing teacher in grade 3 and continue to have great teachers and hopefully they’ll forget about their second grade year.

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