Saturday, December 23, 2006


Who are we, to look to
No, it cannot hear
What is to believe in

And we keep dreamin' of a world
Where all that's good so we were told
We need a hero

And we keep dreamin' of a time
Where good is all that we can find
We need a...
We need a...

No, We cannot tell
Who's the one to lead us
But you know that we'll be there
Waiting for them to find us

And we keep dreamin' of a world
Where all that's good so we were told
We need a hero!

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Gosh, those reports are/were definitely torture. Seriously. That damn principal doesn't know how lucky she is that I at least take my responsiblities seriously. I am definitely quitting come the end of this month so one would wonder why the hell I'm even bothering to do these god blessed reports. Her Highness would be doubly screwed, what with the midyear exams coming up and having to have those reports to give to the parents with the kids' records and my leaving - right before one of their most hectic times. She needs to be screwed, lord knows she does but I'll leave that honor to someone else. For my part I will feel satisfied leaving that education hole with my sanity and at least knowing that I have "done my duty". Which of course is the only reason I am doing these reports. They were assigned to us this month, I am staying till the end of this month so that I'd get paid for this month therefore I should at least get this month's work done...
Pity I had to be pissed off so early this morning... tried to shrug it off and found myself humming the tune to the above "We Need a Hero". I remembered hearing it back when I watched Power Rangers as a kid (sure I still watch rangers sometimes but they don't use that song anymore). Whenever I'm really pissed one of three songs usually come to mind, that one or the song "Invincible" (another one from rangers back in the day) and sometimes N'syncs' "Bye bye bye". (I don't listen to any of those songs anymore but the words are stuck in my head sorta like the saying: When something is learned while one is young it is as if it is engraved in stone.)
Hmm, I'm not being very clear here... I have some time on me hands at the moment guess I should post about the last straw.
2 weeks ago Her Royal Highness female of MPS called a staff meeting- mandatory attendance of all staff..except the male teachers which is pretty damn screwed. Anyways I had kids in my classroom who's folks were late to pick them up so I remained in the classroom with them until they left. Staff meeting started at 2 and I didn't get up there till 2:30 - that female was still going on strong (it's like My God female what u got to be foaming off at the mouth about when we just had a staff meeting like a week before this one?). No seats so I parked myself on a desk. She was talking her usual sheemot about how the school is doing us a favour (::blink blink::) and how none of us would be hired any place else (it's more like the other way around, if I ever happen to snap a pic of her u'd see why) blah blah blah. Honestly lady if that's ur way of trying to brainwash us into thinking we are unwanted and MPS is being most gracious to us u can go screw ur self somewhere. She finally comes off that subject and repeats all the other stuff from previous meetings. The only thing of any relevance was getting those damn boards in the classrooms decorated- preferably with the kids' work. She said we had a week to get them done. Otherwise we'd have to come in on Saturday and do it. (Saturday is part of the weekend here) Fine whatever lady.
The next week I started trying to get my boys to do a report on their favorite animal. I taught them how to get a pic and put it on the first page and set up the report/booklet thing. None of them did it. Their reason being they didn't know what kind of paper. Honestly all it had to be was plain white paper. I'm pretty sure each of them have printers in their houses and printers use paper don't they? I said fine, I'll bring the paper and we'll do it in the class.
Needless to say I got busy and like completely forgot about bringing any paper. She comes in my class on Thursday afternoon and says I'll be coming in on Saturday to do the board. I said ok. (I don't be giving that female no beef. She tells me to do something I say ok.) I got home and thought about that for a bit. I finally decided like hell I was going in there on Saturday. Hadn't gone for tennis in a while and here was this female thinking I was going to be wasting my time up in that hole. Anywayz, Saturday came and I had a change of mind. Better to get this sheemot over and done with since I had spent most of Friday late into the night getting sheemot to put on the board. I had decided to make the board theme about ants and then the kids were going to write about ants as a creative writing assignment. They so needed practice writing anywayz. So Saturday I was ready to go and put in no more than an hour of valuable time and mother decides she needs the car. Ah well there goes that idea. I decided I'd go later that afternoon since I was supposed to go for tennis that morning. Mother didn't come back with that car till way later and by the time I got home it was after 7pm. Kinda late to be going to that damn school and being alone at night with that pervert so called security guard.
After my shower I decided I'll go so as to keep the peace over at that damn place. Lady told me come in on Saturday so I should come in on Saturday. So I dragged myself out there with my sis and found the place all locked up. Damn guard lives there so I banged on the gate till he came out and opened it. I went in fixed up the board, took me 45 mins. Only prob was my color printer ran out of ink and I couldn't finish printing up some of the really cool pics I had. The result was the board not being finished.
First thing the next morning LG comes in and starts getting on about the board. I told him it wasn't done and he goes on about how it looks so unprofessional blah blah blah as if there is any damn course a person can take anywhere that teaches a person HOW the hell to make a "professional" looking board.
I saw H.R.H a couple of times during the day. She never once mentioned the board. Then after school there was a homework club program going on in my classroom and she was their teacher. She still doesn't say anything about the board. I figured maybe she is upset about it and it'd only be common courtesy to explain that the board really isn't done and that my printer ran out of ink blah blah blah. So I start telling her that and she turns on that snappy tone with me, I wasn't in the mood for trouble so I just let it go. She asked me why didn't I come in on Saturday. I replied that I did come on saturday. She said no I didn't. "!!!!?" I replied I did and that nobody was there. Then she got even huffier and said that the board looks terrible and why didn't I ask the store lady for some paper to cover the brown part of the board. The board theme was supposed to be about ants and I thought it would be cool to leave it brown to give a sorta underground effect. I told her that and she gave me a look as if I had just chalba smacked her in the face or something. She then asks why didn't I come on Saturday morning. I said that she never told me to come on Saturday "morning" she had just said come in on Saturday. (she did say that but then she also sent out a letter that she claimed said morning on it) I said the letter didn't say morning. Least I didn't remember it saying such. She shifted on the spot to super Chalba mode and told me to see her in the office. Snap this female got issues...
I get in the office and she slams the door so that only myself, her and LG are in the room. She immediately starts whinning to LG that I am always arguing with her. A-R-G-U-I-N-G. I ask her to tell me when I have ever argued with her.. then she says if it's not arguing then I am always backtalking to her infront of the kids. OMG like serious WTFBBQSAUCE. Firstly I don't be arguing with her and secondly who the hell does she think she is?!? my mom?? (Praise the Lord above a thousand times over that ain't the case, I would have had to commit suicide the day I was born!) "Backtalking" TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKH. I mean since when did explaining something become 'backtalk' and arguing??? Even mother allows us to explain ourselves. That damn principal must think she's some sorta Mother Supreme or some crazy sheemot like that. I said I was only explaining about the board. She then turns to LG and says "See." as she guestures towards me.
LG looks from her to me and then starts his long lecture about how Mother Supreme is very very experienced in everything having to do with the school and if she says a board is unacceptable that means it is unacceptable and should be changed without any ands, ifs or buts about it. (is it just me or does that seem like the sorta lecture a father would give his kid if kid disrespects mommy....??) He of course doesn't stop there... nope that would have been too gracious of Lord Gracious himself. He has to go on about how if any person doesn't know how to do something in that school they have Mother Supreme who is truly amazing and has knowledge of how to do everything (except run the damn place honestly) blah blah blah and that even he (::blink blink:: he speaks of himself as if he is some high ruling authority that has humbled himself before the all great Mother Supreme) goes to her and asks for "advice and guidance" - I kid u folks not that was the dude's exact words... (all the while Mother Supreme sits there drinking in the praise and holding the face of one who expects and demands such things to be said about her.) He then said MS would have been more than happy to help me if I had come to her and asked her advice on the board (ha ha help me like she has been helping me after throwing me in a 3rd grade class- when I had been hired for KG- without any orientation or anything and then she just automatically expects me to "know" what the hell I'm supposed to be doing??) He adds that if I didn't want to ask her I could have asked my own mother who worked there last year because she had 'excellent' boards ( ::cough cough:: firstly she rarely did a board and when she did it was usually my sis who did it and I was called in to do the actual cutting and labour for getting the board decorated...and even with all of that the boards were pure 'crap' as the math teacher choked out when I told her what LG had said. It was the pure truth folks. Even mother admitted those boards didn't look right and she had told them up front that she wasn't doing any boards cuz she has like zero artistic talent.) Anywayz his lecture began it's ending descend with how if one teacher's work looks exemplary that shines on the whole school and gives the school a good reputation and in the end it's all for the good of the school... (couldn't help but imagine us all as ants at the moment working under MS who would be the Queen female of the nest and it all be for the good of the colony.. ha ha I'd sooner douse the so-called colony in gasoline and set the whole cursed nest aflame!)
They had plenty more sheemot to talk my ear off about but since this was all last week and I don't waste valuable memory space commiting their every word to heart I only remember the last thing being about my beloved Lt. MS had the nerve, the utter NERVE to start in on me being on my laptop during my god blessed free periods. She told LG that everytime she sees me I am on my laptop. ::blink blink:: first of all I never use my laptop during class. I only use it during my free periods and I am NEVER late for my classes. I always make sure I shut down my Lt 10 minutes before my classes and I am usually down there waiting in the hall outside of my classroom for no less than 5 minutes. She then asks me if what I am always doing on my laptop is my school work. I said no. She said then I shouldn't be on it. Just like that. Damn that female plays her role of Mother Supreme to the letter... Of course Daddy LG had to get in on this bit and put in his two cents about how if he were to bring his laptop to school and start working on his own personal business the owner would be very upset (no comment... If I were to comment on that I'd never shut up). Half an hour went by and I was still in there getting my ears lectured off by Mommy and Daddy both as if I had disgraced the family or something.
By the time they finally granted me a royal dismissal I was pissed way the hell off and back. I was told that I was to "get those boards done by the following day" by MS and LG said I could carry on what I was doing as long as I got it done and professional looking by the next day. MS had said that she wanted the whole theme changed so I told LG "I don't see how that is possible since now she wants them changed by tomorrow."
Well that did, Mother Supreme nearly had heart failure from her anger. She said "See! that's what I mean... Who is 'she'?" ::blink blink:: Let's see now, I was talking to LG so the 'she' considering there was only three of us in the room would mean her...duh. Even LG looked a bit lost. I said "You" at the same time LG was mouthing it. MS threw her hands up. She said "You don't ever refer to someone as 'she'! That is rude!" her face was turning red. She was enraged bull angry. LG started to explain to her that in some cultures it isn't rude to say 'she'. Last I checked British and American cultures were more or less the same... I couldn't help but try to explain when I said "Well I was talking to him." that did it. She was going crazy about me refering to them as she and him...some one please tell me so I can "know" what the hell was I supposed to refer to them as if they are sitting right there within slapping distance?? If I had said their names that would have sounded a bit snot nosed, sarcastic and like I was ignoring the fact that either was sitting right there. Lady is just a screwed female. I've deducted that she definitely has ISSUES and you know what..that's perfectly okay cuz I so know how to distance myself from insanity when I see it. There isn't a salary worth enough to get me to stay there under Mother Supreme and put up with her screwed sheemot day in and day out for 5 out of the 7 days of the week (unless of course she issues a royal decree viciously snatching away one of ur weekend days that are reserved for recuperating ur own sanity!). And after being told about all the crap that goes down in that school I still have folks frowning on my decision to quit...
I guess the fact that such decisions being my choice and of course MY LIFE has never occurred to those individuals who think I am being irrational and a spoiled brat because I am quitting. I forgot to mention that MS also talked about my teaching and that the day she observed my class she found my teaching deplorable, reason being because one of the kids who studied in America - where the curriculumn is way the hell stronger than that sheemot she is calling the british system- was sitting for 20 minutes without any work to do. Wanna know why folks? Cuz the kid thanx to our A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N curric is very much independent and can work out all of the classwork with very little help and then still turn around and complete all the homework in a little over 15 minutes. Whereas it takes the other kids the whole 40 minute period to work through the single page of classwork. On top of that I don't have time to return to that kid and give him more advanced work or even just extra work cuz I am pulled in a zillion directions at once helping the weaker kids who can't do a single thing without my help. Like MAJOR clue oh great 'experienced and knowledgeable' Mother Supreme: I need a GOD BLESSED assistant for crying out loud. Doesn't take a Ph.D to know that. It is virtually impossible for one teacher to be at all 17 students' sides at all times during that 40 minute period. (all the other teachers have at least 2 assistants for my same class so why shouldn't I at least get "ONE"??) So because of that she said my teaching is "Terrible and needs a LOT of work". Meanwhile her compatriot who is teaching 2nd grade can get away with cursing the kids (I was sitting outside her classroom when I heard her say: "YOU STUPID BOY OPEN YOUR BOOK!") and using profanity in front of them (like the incident when she called the math teacher a "B!tch" in front of the boys twice and then one of the boys asked what did that word mean.) On several occasions I have heard her tell the boys to "Shut up" in really harsh tones. But yeah that's all allowed and within the realm of professonalism. Hmph! As professional as MS tampering with the grades and giving that boy extra marks out of the air. If that's the meaning of professionalism then I'd prefer to remain a respectable - jobless if need be- human. I so don't need that, any of it.
My God this post is so long I don't even feel like going back and proofreading all of this (I pity u all that have read this far... BW of course...maybe ardab...Sam and Eman...possibly... My apologies you guys but I had to let this steam out!)
And we keep dreaming of a world
A world where good is all we'll find!
We need a hero.........................

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