Saturday, December 30, 2006

3eedkum Mubarak!

Mubarak 3eedkum w 3asakum mn el3aideen w salmeen

I hope u guys all have a wonderful 3eed =) .......sheemota! I hear a goat outside =S Ya Rab please don't let them slaughter that thing in the yard.. yalla ya shabab gooloo ameen! Lastly, Ya Rab, protect all al muslimeen who went for Haj - especially her and her family. Ya Rab accept from all al muslimeen their dua and the dua of those in Haj - especially her and her family. Ya Rab, let all of al muslimeen who went for Haj return back to their homes bsalamah... Ya Rab, let her and her family return back forgiven and bsalamah.. Ameen Ya Rab.

Hmmm,I think that's about all...


katheria said...

Ameen =)

El Hazard said...

Yoh =)

arigatou for passing by ;)

I really miss that cousin of yours! A week seems like a really really long time..lachin I am happy she got to go, I hope she's enjoying every minute of it =)

Bookworm said...

(How come I never saw this) - thinks to herself..

Missed you all so much! Next time inshaAlla, we 3 are going there together.

El Hazard said...

LOL, u were at Haj and that was my 3eed post, that's why u never saw it :P

Bookworm said...

Aaaaah. Sometimes my IQ just amazes me..