Monday, October 02, 2006


I’m still pretty pissed about being switched to Grade 3 yesterday but not because I miss the kids. Sure I still miss them a bit but in the end that’s life and nothing lasts forever no matter how much you may want it to.

What has me really pissed is the fact that the principals could be so dishonest – we won’t even mention that this is the holy month. Even when I know that a certain person or people are known for doing shameless things it still surprises me when I actually witness such acts. No shame, no fear, the world is their playground to do as they please… Then when something bad happens to them they wanna wonder why. Ha ha. Duh you damn fool, the Lord is punishing you.

You’d think that they would have decided to turn over a new leaf too after getting chalba smacked in the face by all the great teachers that walked out on the dumb school this year and last! Guess they have ultra thick skins. My sis keeps saying that the standard of the school has gone down, but if you really think about it there were no standards in the first place! Think about it, most people open schools with positive goals in mind. The prevailing goal being to educate their kids. Lots of schools open because someone is dissatisfied with the existing schools and decide they can do better for their kids. In a way it seems logical. I guess that’s why most of the Bukhatir kids are in Creative, lots of Shamsi’z in Research Science and plenty of Al Owais in Wahda. The only relative of the owner’s in this dump is his own son! (Dang, that says a lot right there) Pretty sad, sorry sad not “I pity that creature sad”. I doubt this school ever existed with any intention to educate animals much less children. Last year mid-semester that creature suddenly got really tight on spending on any resources – even the necessary ones. The A/C’s were cut and ceiling fans were installed. The classes with 20+ kids were supposed to use the fan to keep cool. Um hello?! We do live in a desert, despite all efforts to transform and portray it otherwise! That creature got away with it because the highest grade here last year was 5th. So like, the oldest kid here was probably eleven years old. You think if the parent believes the school is truly some gift to mankind as the administration likes to portray it (the exact words out of the principal’s mouth were: I don’t want to hear any kids crying and if they cry it should be because they don’t want to go home!) that, that same parent is going to believe it when the kid says that the school is hot as hell. Besides even if they were inclined to believe their kid, once they stepped through the front doors of the school into the reception they would have immediately dismissed the kid’s complaints because the reception area was fully air conditioned.

When the ministry came the classes were a/ced. When special guests came and were going to walk around the school the whole place was a/ced – even upstairs where he was adamant about never turning on the a/c (that was the reason why he squashed all the classes from grade 1- 5 downstairs, so less electricity would be used). And, don’t you know during that time when he was being so tight fisted and budget crazy he suddenly had a brand new Mercedes – the dhs 500,000 + model. It was like “Damn nigga, that’s why the school ain’t got no money!” Might I add that was his 5th brand new car in the space of one year. And no he didn’t do the buy-a-new-car-trade-it-off-next-day-and-get-another deal, he bought and kept all of them.

That’s pretty shameful and darn surprising, but I still can’t get over his answer this year for why the hell there are no resources nor supplies in the art/supply room. Notebooks, art books, staples, staplers, board markers etc. were non existent because guess what? That creature claimed he had two more car payments to make and until then none of that stuff was going to be purchased. His exact wording was that the leftover money after his car payments “can” go to buying supplies. OMGWTFtotaledPORSCHECAYENNES!

(2:30pm) Now I’m beyond pissed. They must honestly and truly believe they’ve found the perfect fool. On my way out of that hole today I saw the principal and asked her what was the deal with our contracts. She said we should get them by tomorrow. Ha ha. So I asked her was my current status as grade 3 teacher fixed. Her reply was that it is more or less permanent. So I told her that my salary would have to be changed cuz I was no longer KG teacher and I have legitimate grade 3 experience. She said well I can’t prove that to the ministry and since I don’t have ‘qualifications’ she isn’t changing my salary. Unfortunately I have to say such things in the holy month, but that principal and the rest of that incompetent 3-person administration can shrivel up and die, as my sis would say.
I can see it was her plan all along to hire me as KG teacher and get me to agree to KG salary then move me to the grades and still pay me as a KG teacher. My replacement in KG told me that a week ago (which was before the parents started ‘miraculously’ complaining- I’m sure that was a lie now) the principal took her to my KG classroom and told her from this week it would be her classroom. Such audacity, wallah!

Today I was starting to enjoy my Grade 3 class more or less even though there were a few animals that were going to need serious training if they were to remain in my class. Ha, now I’m counting the days before I pull an Eman on them! It was magnificent-o when Eman left that dumb school high and dry and it’s going to be equally magnificent when I do the same! I can just imagine LG’s reaction when I do it…


I’ll have to get the details of that reaction from someone there after I leave..


Bookworm said...

Hazard, my red sparring gloves decided to make an appearance in my room today. It's a sign. Cause last time I saw those gloves, they were shoved in one of those cupboards at the club.

I'm gonna don those on and hop to your lovely, sparkling, 'modern' school. Someone up there will be honored by being at the recieving end of a couple of really impressive punches, even if I do say so myself. I'm sorry, but I have to inisit on letting them experience how a 'mawashi-geri' kick feels - on their knee caps and noses.

Man, those people seem to have dislocated their grey cells. The nerve!

You know what, try and enjoy your time there (if thats possible!) cuz they'll be screaming, begging and pleading for your help when you ditch them. We'll install a camera in their air conditioned administration and laugh at them when they pull out their hair.

Allahuma eni 9a2imah !

El Hazard said...

Lol, thanx.

It is possible to enjoy one's time there if one

- Doesn't hang out in that filthy musala, which is were I wrote the beginning part of the post. There is seriously and abnormal amount of dust and lint swirling around up there and even though I don't think I have asthma I sure did experience what it's like to have an asthma attack!

- Forgets that the self-damned administration exists...

- Doesn't socialize too much with their fellow co-workers!

El Hazard said...

^an abnormal amount of dust...