Friday, September 29, 2006

Got (L)geemat?

There are just some things that must be done/had during the holy month. Of course it's not wajab or officially necessary but one just feels it needs these things otherwise the month just lacks the 'feeling'. Lgeemat (a fried dumpling served with syrup that looks like a dunkin donut munchkin) is one of those things that contribute to that 'feeling'. My bros must have something they get from the cafeteria called "Prunglunga" (don't ask! I have no idea what the heck that is other than it's something orginally indian). Some ppl feel Harees must be had in ramadan (lol El Hazard was agreeing till she found what looked like a lizard head in her harees the other day!) This year it seems they got kinda lazy (whoever's job it is) to drape the date trees with lights. I was driving with my sis when she commented on that fact. She said they've commited a sin! (she said it in all seriousness even though she was joking about the sin part. What she meant was how could they not hang up the lights?)
Other things that contribute to the 'feeling' are:
  • staying up late
  • going to Masjid Sa3oud at least once (even if it is only for the 27th night)
  • going to the Salaf Salah Masjid in Qarayen for Qiyam and then going to the halwan Co-op directly afterwards.
  • After Qiyam going to the Baskin Robins and Dunkin Donuts. (my sis's opinion)
  • actually going for Qiyam!
  • Lots of Karak in the middle of the night after Qiyam.
  • Reading Quran and trying to finish at least once in the month. (somehow I haven't started yet. I'll have to take my Quran to school this week inshalla)
  • Putting away really good books, anime and nasheeds to be read, watched and listened to once ramadan is over.
  • tents (hehe, as necessary as praying Taraweeh! lol)
  • Vimto (a fruit flavored syrup that gets mixed in water like kool-aid)

I know there's lots of other things (can't remember them right now) but for me it's only now (a week into Ramadan) starting to have a small tingling of that feeling- albeit outside doesn't really "look" like Ramadan!

I seriously want some Lgeemat.. too lazy to make some myself, so we bought from a popular kitchen here in Sharjah. Everyone liked them except yours truly. They had that extra ingredient that I hate! lol seems they put that extra ingredient in almost everything during the holy month. (for those that might not know, the ingredient I'm refering to would be Cardamon.. i think they call it 'hail' here and 'habahan' in musr, not sure what it's really supposed to be in arabic.

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Dragon said...

Girl, I have had so much geemat at various students houses and what not this Ramadan...that I actually hate it now. Especially those hard crispy kinds. This post made me kind of sad. We don't do anything in Ramadan, no traditions like you guys have mashallah. I know my kid just feels like it's a big burden...but all those special things u mentioned...nope, don't feel any of it. :(