Friday, July 21, 2006

Almost PHinisheD

I'm in L-O-V-E.... "Almost PhinisheD" is exactly what I had in mind for my blog. To record day to day experiences in the university - and of course there would be plenty to write about because one just can't mix with that amount of varied people day in and day out and not have something to write about. It'd be impossible PERIOD.
Blogs are a good thing.. Creative way to let off steam. Schools and universities should suggest (not make mandatory cuz anything forced on a person no matter if it's enjoyable or not becomes bothersome if one knows they have to do it or face the consequences.) all of their students to keep a blog as means to let steam off and get frustration out of their blood. Heck the world leaders should all get blogs... Bush, Saddam, Blair, Olmert, Kim Jong, peace would be at hand here!
In the end boys will be boys though and to do something CIVIL like writing off their steam would be too effeminate (yeah that's the worst thing a HUMAN could be, so instead it's better to blow the sheemot out of innocent people just to prove one's worthless existance. Maybe it's insanity but I suddenly have the urge to go celebrate the World's quickly approaching end with a bottle of FIZZY bwhaahhahahaha!)
Hmmm I reckon it's time to suppress the inner El Hazard... As for Almost PHinisheD, it has become an object of my admiration and inspiration as a blog. Even the name (totally creative) puts hearts in my eyes!

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