Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm really not in the mood to post, but being the 31st and I haven't posted a single thing I felt the urge to at least post something for record's sake (since June/July 2006, I haven't missed a month..) So here you guys are: meet Pong, the evil moo moo cow - El Hazard's moody alter ego.


Closed eyes... said...

What a post! :D

Bookworm said...

Hello Pong..

Hope you feel better >.<

El Hazard said...

Thank you BW.

Shaima no worries, I got your comment in my inbox and deleted the original comment from here in case you dont want ur address to be common knowledge ;) Btw. Do you study in AUS?

Shaima said...

Cool! Cool! Now we can keep in touch. Yeah, I study at AUS.

You want to give me your email or add me on facebook? I am not really familiar with the whole blog system. -Caught red handed- Hehe!