Saturday, February 14, 2009

For What It's Worth

Thank you S, for showing me how unimportant I am.


Bookworm said...

you aren't unimportant..

El Hazard said...

Truth is, that's what everyone is most likely to say. And I'd be tempted to believe it considering when anything major happens there is always someone there, whether its u or anyone else. But what about the times when its nothing more than human need to talk or just hang out with a 'friend'.. I truly hate myself for becoming a person that needs to connect with others.

And if S happens to read this, I wasn't being sarcastic in my thanx. I meant it.

Roon said...

It's always about someone who's name starts with an "S"

El Hazard; My friend,
I have known for a small period of time, but let me tell you this, you are the first person who inspired me to not only start my blog, but to publish, and consider writing as a serious hobby, not just some scribbles on notebooks.

Seems to be, S is the loser here, because he/she has just proved to everyone around, including me; how important you are in life.

El Hazard, I am really sorry that you think low of yourself, if only you look at yourself the way I Do, then you will know how amazing you are, and you don't need anyone, and I mean ANYONE UNIMPORTANT to judge you and pass the verdict on you; to be captured in their meaningless comments that have no origin at all.

Take a chance in life, let go of whoever stabs you, go down to the flower shop and buy yourself a red rose, proving to yourself that you love you.
With Love,
your like-minded Friend,

El Hazard said...

U know, I hadnt noticed but now that u mention it.. yeah it is usually about ppl whose names start with S. Maybe I should make it a rule to just steer clear of all Ss - then again its never safe with any letter except X.. and that's only cuz no one has a name that starts like that here.

You're right though, it is time to shake everyone out. And I plan to do just that. Start completely new. Maybe then my head would be quiet at night and I could actually get some sleep.

Dragon said...

umm...please please please don't be talking about me?!?!?!? I can't take it if you are, N , I just can't.

El Hazard said...

Haha, like I told u..there are plenty of S's in the world.

Roon said...

Aaah El hazard..

It's also about people with beginging letters
A - pesky Stalker
Y - Snobby Poeple I tell you, SNOBBY
O - Dam the O.. Dam the O

see, its about all the letters :P
just eliminate them.. just like Me cause if i go through all the disturbing letters, they will never end..

=D take care of yourself.