Saturday, January 31, 2009


Why do people always tend to underestimate how much someone values them? I mean sure, no one is psychic or heart readers but don't actions count for anything anymore???


kaaath said...

what do you mean?

El Hazard said...

Lol, I forgot to add a reference note.

For meaning of this post see ppl who travel and don't let their 'friends' know they came and went safely. A certain person we both know has much to say on this subject - in her own defense of course, though she kinda sorta had a point. But in a case like that, a simple blog post (Hey guys, I'm back...or something) would suffice.

One of my friends had the excuse of being too exhausted to type out a msg when she got back. I told her I'd be fine with simply a blank msg, no need for words. Now that I think about it, that would be cause to worry too. Getting a blank msg from a friend would make me wonder why wouldnt she type something, or maybe she tried to and was unable to complete or any number of unmentionable things could have happened to her... sighs, I guess getting older makes one prone to worrying.

Roon said...

Al-salam 3likom..

it could sound frustrating..
but you see..
you never know how much something is special until you loose it..
and unfortunately there are those who claim that they have psychic powers that could magically tell you who are going to be in the future..
True, people should care, but what's worse? not care at all; and show it, or not care at all; but not show it..
i choose the first one..
by then, i know who cares.. and who doesn't..
and for all that matters this certain topic shouldn't...

interesting thread of thoughts..


Bookworm said...

Ahaaa so that's what this post is about. I had a hunch, but was like, no, it couldn't be.

Well, sure, I have lots to say. Mainly that it was never an issue before, so why is it now? I don't recally sending msgs when I arrived someplace before. But, when ppl ask me to, I always do. So you see, its pretty simple elhazardo =D Just ask moi and I'll oblige.

And yeah, I can't read minds. I mean, espicially when it wasn't the case before, I can't suddenly think "Oh, the last 3 times I travelled I didn't send a msg but I've got a 7th, 8th, 9th sense that I should this time..." =P

I tell you man, I'm too logical its frustrating..Next time InshAlla Ill msg hehe.

El Hazard said...

I thank thee.

Dubai Guy said...

Take it easy girls :-)

El Hazard said...

Hehe, I think that was kinda my fault for turning into such a worrier lately..

Dragon said...

Well had this not been resolved, I mighta said it is...excuse my lateness.