Friday, October 03, 2008

Der Knochen

I suppose I should say "3ed Mubarak" to you guys, but it'd be so belated that I feel embarrassed to do so. Anyhows, even if I didnt actually type it out here, you all know I was at least thinking/hoping it ;) So yeah, I hope you guys did in fact have a wonderful 3ed =D

I wanted to share this article I read as a reminder of the virtues of fasting six days of shawwal:

Arabic Link

English Link

I know it's neither the islamic new year nor the normal new year, but I suddenly have this urge to achieve/attain/accomplish various things that I had started and never completed and things that I meant to do and never got around to. I've started a couple of lists today (hehe I really enjoy making lists and some day I hope to be able to cross them all off knowing I've completed them! Inshallah.) And with that, I declare this a month of change =)


Bookworm said...

You know, I never got why ppl would start new habits, make resolutions when its new years. Yes, I do get that its sort of an obvious way of marking something (a year ago i started this, ill start doing so and so this year). But You can do that anytime of the year! Why wait till new year ;)

So go ahead, make those lists and start scratching things off. Every day is a good day to start something/change something. All the luck elhazardo ;_

And yeah, I hope you had a great Eed break too =)

El Hazard said...

As far as I can remember I dont think I've ever made a new year's resolution. My resolutions usually come after I've had a bout with depression. This time is different though because it just came upon me on spur of the moment (or mayhaps its from being fired up to do things during ramadan and it feels weird to just gear down...)

Lol, so far I made 3 complete lists. I have one that seems like the items I add to it are never ending (my expectations of myself in writing) and I have at least one more list that I've yet to start. I'll probably get to that tonight before I sleep inshallah.

Anyways, thanx for your words of encouragement =)