Friday, July 04, 2008

Save Me from Stupidity

I almost decided something very stupid today...very very stupid indeed. It started with the innocent reading of Gulf News. There was an article about Abu Dhabi University, they apparently just finished the auditorium of the new campus they recently built. The thing that caught my eye was the location of their new campus - Khalifa City. I was curious now. The place the family lives in is in Khalifa City but I've never seen a uni campus out here aside from the Women's HCT (it's down the block). So I went to the AD Uni site to see which part of Khalifa City it was in cuz there are two sections right beside each other, Khalifa A and Khalifa B. Their uni site was pretty impressive and I found myself giving it a good look over. I gotta hand it to them, they have some really good looking courses. I suppose nothing much different from UoS but something about what I was seeing was attracting me. Turns out after all my browsing of their site that they are right next door in Khalifa B. I tried imagining what things would be like if I just gave in and transferred to ADU. I reasoned that yes I would still have a car and could go to tennis here in AD and still manage to sneak off to Sharjah twice a week for tennis and possibly a third time to see my friends. It'd be a really easy life and I suppose there'd be a degree of peace in this eff-ed up family I live in. Then what? Then what I asked myself... I get settled in ADU start making friends, focus on getting better grades and then as it has been done time and time again the folks will up and decide to end their illicit affair with AD and decide it's time to move off to Fujairah, RAK or hell even Oman cuz what the hell it's bloody fun picking up on spur of the moment or pure stupid whim and moving way the hell out where u'd have to start over from scratch.
I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm tired of moving around and this insanity isn't going to stop unless those of us who despise it make it stop. Fighting what they want is certainly going to take alot but I'm willing to fight for what I want rather than have it forcefully taken from me.
My step brother came back from his prolonged stay in the states. He was staying with the uncle which I suppose did him some good. He came back a bit educated- surprisingly. He showed me this essay he wrote. Pretty impressive that piece was. I really couldn't believe it was coming from anyone associated with this family. I guess that just proves that if you go far enough the curse can't follow you. Anyways in his essay he wrote about working hard in life and using ur education and knowledge to better yourself and to attain the things you want in life. He mentioned something about staying focused on what you want and that if it's really what you want you have to work hard and stay concentrated with that focus until you get what it is you want. Although his essay was riddled with bad grammar and horrible sentence structure, his purpose and the message he was trying to convey was there and raw. I'll admit I felt a bit moved by it.
After I finished reading his essay I told him I wanted to call H and read it to her. She'd be happy for him. He asked about her (since he wasn't here when she left) and when I told him the reason she left he understood. He surprisingly asked how come I didn't go as well. I told him my method of dealing with the family will be different. The funny thing about my folks is they always believed my older sis was one to fear (as in would do something outrageous) and after H grew up they began to fear her in the same way, though none of them expected she'd pull off what she did. With me I'm usually quiet about things, except last summer when I stepped into one of their fights with H and got a little too heated, and the fuss I had made when we first moved to UAE. Other than that I'm a harmless creature, the little dog that barks when the stranger is far but when u get up close it cowers away. I suppose my stepbrother must have seen something at that moment. He started to tell me he was going to buy me a gift cuz he didn't have time to do it before he left, afraid he might be lumped in with the rest of the family when they get what is coming to them. I told him not to worry though, I'd remember him after I extricated myself from this corrupt bunch. He seemed relieved. He really seems like a changed "young man".

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