Thursday, June 05, 2008


God, the house in AD is truly like a freakin asylum. It’s like the moment one passes the gates they hold their hands up in surrender and willingly allow themselves to be cuffed and straitened. All forms of modern technology invented for the purpose of linking people no matter where they might be cease functioning once you enter the house (forget actually passing through the doors, my phone loses all signal and reception the moment I get through the car park gates).
Choose a room, any room – it’s not like you actually have one that is yours anyway. That’s how it is, as impersonal as a freakin hotel room. Made beds, pillows and all.. bathrooms in almost every room, drapes that actually MATCH the furniture and wall colors.. Nice, really nice but seriously lacking in the intimacy a place one could call home should have. No net, no reception on my mobile phone, stuck in a house full of the insane and undiagnosed deranged, is it any wonder the familiar cloud called “depression” came to squat over me. A friend had given me most of season one of Ugly Betty. I had started watching the first four eps back in Sharjah. It was funny. So funny that I found myself re-watching them last week at another friend’s house and ended up falling asleep before ep 4 had finished. Woke up on her bed – at 3am! So hadn’t meant to but I figured hell no sense trying to get home now I may as well finish out the night. And finish it out I did. That’s beside the point though. Once I found myself here in AD I pulled out the CD I had been saving for this particular occasion of foreseen boredom. No remedy that was. Bordering on tears of boredom I resolved to attack the books BW had so graciously lent me (even after having previous experience with my proven track record of holding onto books for long periods of time – some of these I believe she lent me last year.. wahlaylha) I picked up one that I had started months ago. I started searching for where I had left off last. With every page turned I could feel frustration building. I knew for sure there was no way I could read so I got in bed and went to sleep AT NINE PM. Totally unheard of for me unless I am sick…or sick…..or hmm sick. I am seriously going to need a cat. Kitten rather. And hmm, the yard is huge out there and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to get a baby goat (those are beyond freakin adorable!!! They act like little puppies.) Yeah, maybe that’s what I’ll make my priority for tomorrow. Hunt down the AD animal market. Buy a cute little kid and a fur devil of a Siamese kitten, cappuccino color if u please. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find an adorable brother and sister pair…actually no that wouldn’t do, I want them to mate not be committing incest. Ok scratch the bro and sis, any random cute kittens.

My God, it’s only 10:13pm and I’m already feeling tired. Another important thing to add to tomorrow’s to-do list: Find the AD ladies club and sign up for Roller Hockey and Tennis. I CANNOT gain weight this summer.

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