Saturday, May 24, 2008

Good Afternoon, My Name is Sarah...

Gosh, it's been a whole week and more, and I hadn't been able to muster up enough energy to write about anything. Maybe it's for the best though. I really had a bad impression of my supervisor and it kinda boils down to I should cut people more slack and not be so rushed in my judgements.
To begin we were handed scripts and told to memorize them. That was on the first day of our training. The second day, we were introduced to our supervisor. She asked our names, and seemed to have this serious high and mighty air about her. She rolled her eyes after asking my name and hearing what it was. It was like sheesh lady I hate my name to but the last thing I need is you rolling your eyes like that when you hear it. She had three of us take "call names" that she said had to be easy for people to remember, namely herself and our future customers. (I liked the fact that we could choose our names and for some freakish reason I chose "Sarah".) She seemed almost disgusted by us, the incompetent noobs brought on board for her to have to trouble herself to train. I was ready to call it quits right then and there but by the time I got home I had rethought the decision. No matter how big a B!tch the lady is or might be I'm going to learn to control my temper and learn to deal with people even if they may not be the highest scorer in the social area. It was one of those subtle lessons I learnt in uni this year and was confident that it would work after seeing an encouraging example from a good friend.
Totally neutral to any negative action from her side it turns out that she's actually pretty nice. She openly admitted later on that she used to be extremely extremely shy to the point where it was kinda incapacitating. She says she isn't a shred bit shy now but that certainly explains why she seemed so cold during our first days - contrary to her claims of not being shy anymore. lol it's still there but I guess she's subconsciously still working on it.
Anyways, though I just started and all, it seems this stint will be briefer than this post. The higher ups aren't pleased with the amount of selling we are doing (nevermind the fact that the average amount of calls I, alone, make during my working hours are usually above the 100 mark - somedays I make 105 and others 108 calls in the space of 4hours 30 mins.) oh, I think I forgot to mention this is a telesales job. I think had I known in the beginning how much it entailed I doubt I would have joined. I figured as dull as it is I just had to get in there, do what I am assigned to do which is telephonically abusing innocents with a packaged offer of accident insurance, covering partial and full disabilty and natural death for a coverage of 25,000 dhs. and if they refuse then i add in that they would receive a privilege card, vouchers worth 1500 for BTECH Centre in Dubai AND dinner vouchers for some restuarant in sharjah which supposedly boasts the biggest buffet in town... all the chrip and cheer we have to 'modulate' into our voices seriously drains all bloody hell outta me. So anywayz I was saying, it is being rumored that their is trouble in paradise and the higher ups have already kicked out 3 sales reps (who had more sales than I did) so logically I should prepare for my time to come. I'm happy I continued sending my CV and attending interviews in this time ;) I'll have no regrets about this little fling and a new addition to my CV couldn't possibly hurt....

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