Saturday, February 16, 2008


It’s been awhile since I thought I could trust myself enough to write a post without rambling or venting. Nothing has significantly changed except for the fact that I really want to reach these goals and it won’t happen if I allow that mood to control me. A good friend always tells me that the first step in achieving goals is to write them down. Until last week they were just randomly swirling in my head begging to be written down in an orderly fashion. Now that I’ve written them they don’t really seem like a lot and although they are all very different categories they are all going to require the same two things: TIME and PATIENCE..


  • Pass Business Math with an A


  • Get control of my serves (tennis)
  • Control of the ball – like being able to spin returns in different directions
  • Control of the drop shot
  • Play with my left hand


  • Review what I already memorized of the Quran.
  • Add two more ajza


  • 4-5 new short stories
  • Finish my current writing project [VERY VERY IMPORTANT]

Oh dear God, I just realized I only have like 4 months till the end of this semester. Until now I thought I still had like 5 or 6 months. I’m really going to have to get on top of the last two goals if I wanna finish by semester’s end!

Here’s a thought: After the semester is over I’m going to come back and cross off the goals I managed to accomplish Inshalla. And should I fail to accomplish something on this list I’ll do 20 rounds [outside the court] for each one. BW and my doubles partner discovered the threat of having to run rounds to be a sufficient motivational tool – I despise running the ‘cool down’ rounds at the end of tennis games but didn’t realize how much power it has to light a fire under me when used as a threat. Lol the day before yesterday I was playing with them. I didn’t realize it but I guess subconsciously I don’t give games my all if the coach isn’t involved to frown and bitch over bad performance. They must have realized that so they decided that the loser of our games would have to run 4 rounds. It didn’t really sound that bad but I liked the idea of something hanging, depending on a win or loss. The rounds were upped to 5 and were then supposed to be done outside the court as opposed to inside (Outside the court is like double for each round so if you did 3 out there it is like you did 6). Uff! I just realized something else....! The end of this semester will be in the summer and that means it’ll be HOT… 20 rounds, outside the court, in the SUMMER!!! NO WAY, I’ll definitely have to turn nights in to days ‘less I’ll find myself out there attempting to run 100+ rounds!


Bookworm said...

InshaAlla u'll achieve all ur goals =) As long as they're you're priority, I'm sure ull accomplish them.

I am so going to make you run sometime..

katheria said...

I'm glad you are writing again!

Hope you achieve your goals, inshAllah!

El Hazard said...

me, run...hahaha I'm waiting. We should go with Z again sometime soon inshalla =)

Thanx both of you, inshalla I will reach those goals and higher and I wish u both the best in achieving any goals u guys set for yourselves =)