Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Alice in Wonderland

I’m glad I get off early on Tuesdays now. I don’t think I would have been able to handle any more and I’m definitely sure I would have lost it today if I had marketing and ended up missing the bus and having to stay till 5 which would mean I wouldn’t get home till 6:30.

I managed to miss my IT class this morning. I think I may have 5 absences from that class now, 7 is the limit we can miss before we aren’t allowed to sit for the final exam. Pray I don’t reach that limit, I wouldn’t be happy to have to repeat IT next semester for something so stupid.

Management class was interesting, as usual, today. The professor talked about planning and how managers rely on it to accomplish many amazing things that wouldn’t have been achieved without prior planning. He talked very highly of Alice in Wonderland and now out of curiosity I have to go read it. [la wallah, a business professor and author of management books recommending a kids’ book of course I have to know why ^_^]. I remember seeing the cartoon as a kid but I was really really young. I just remember a talking rabbit, the purple cat and of course the blonde haired Alice. I remember nothing of the plot or what it was supposed to be about. I even recall feeling bored as I watched it cuz I didn’t understand what was going on – I guess that’s how young I was lol. I found it online though at Project Gutenburg. I really love that site, it always saves me when I get the sudden urge to read something I should have read years ago like the rest of my peers (or even my kid sister!). Anywayz here’s the link.. As for management class, I’ll of course blog about it on the Course Diary Blog.


Bookworm said...

I remember a part in Alice, where she asks the cat something along the lines of 'when will i reach there' and he replies 'it depends on where u are going'..that imo is planning. U need a goal, then work for it ;) faylasoofah, ha?

Lewis caroll was one great mathematician and alice is filled with maths and logic refrences ;) I even blogged about him recently. His book is on my reading list too, hehe.

El Hazard said...

That was exactly one of the things the professor quoted. He said the cat said that you have to know where you want to go before you can choose a road otherwise you'll never get where you wanna go. And then the cat says more importantly you have to know where you are before you can even choose a road to go where ever it is you want to go otherwise you'll never reach. It reminded me of what you said about choosing to stay in or change my major.(I've made up my mind about that..maybe I'll post about that later inshalla)

I remember you writing a post about Alice but you were talking about it in relation to math and you know me, if math is mentioned you'll find me in the opposite direction ;P