Friday, October 12, 2007


I was talking to a classmate of mine that lives in the dorms. She goes home to Kalba (an hour or so drive from uni) for the weekends and for holidays. I was happy when the last time I talked to her (Thursday afternoon) she told me she was at home for the break. I was thinking about how empty the uni must feel with everyone gone off back home for the holiday; that was until it dawned on me that the ones who come from outside the country must still be there in the dorms. I felt bad for them, it must be pretty lonely seeing everyone go off to their families and them being the only ones left behind in the dorms. I met a couple before. They were in my Arabic class last semester. If I knew them better I’d go visit them during the break (I don’t even know which dorm building or room they are in – heck! I don’t even remember their names =X).

I had written a long rant about my family but in the end I didn’t feel better. I actually felt worse. It will suffice to say I really hate them…People say when you feel that you really hate something try to think of the positive things you can derive from the person/thing you hate. I can’t think of a positive thing these dogs are capable of and it’s pretty pathetic that I feel this most during the holy holidays.


Bookworm said...

hm..dont know what to say really :S - but I sincerely hope things get better for you, whatever it is that you hate.

Someone once told me that if there are things that frustrate us we should stop and think a while. Were they things we could change? if so, then we should put our energy into making things better for us. But sometimes, she said, there were things and situations that we had no control of and getting frustrated and anrgy at these things would only affect us negatively. I think she meant that its ok to get angry but to not let that feeling control us.

I dont know if any of this helps. Feel better soon >.<

El Hazard said...

After much frustration I've come to the realization that no matter what I do, say or think my family will stay the way they are. It seems to be their purpose in life to be the way they are. It's probably for me to be patient with them - unfortunately that's a test I seem to fail continually. It's a situation that I have no control over and unfortunately I have trouble processing that and keep trying to change them and their ways. I think if I want to keep any bit of my sanity though the best thing for me would be to accept the next proposal that comes my way and not turn up my nose at the guy... hopefully he'll be Mr. Right, I'd sooner die than marry any random body that proposes..