Saturday, September 29, 2007

Get a life

It’s pathetic how you meet people that just can’t take a bloody joke. It’d be kinda understandable if those same people didn’t joke themselves – but they joke whenever they please and don’t expect others to joke as well. The icing to top the stupidity of this all is when the person gets worked up over a joke that isn’t even about them!
Honest to God I can’t get how this classmate of mine thinks. I usually hang out with two girls I have some of my English courses with. One of them is known to get offended pretty quick so we usually have to limit what we talk about around her to avoid unnecessary drama. More often than not jokes are exchanged and quite often the other girl who is pretty laid back and cool with jokes and what not doesn’t get what it is we’re laughing about. I’ll call her G2 and the other one who gets offended quick will be G1. Anywayz, a couple of weeks back G2 decides to tell and show G1 this picture of a Pakistan Japanese guy (his mom is jap and his dad is paki.. yeah weird mix) and claim that he’s her boyfriend to see what G1’s reaction would be. I decided to play along since I was interested as well to see what G1’s reaction to that would be. Even though it’s forbidden in our religion to have BFs G2 was pretty convincing in her act of supposedly not knowing BFs are forbidden and having one. G1 believed her and went on and on about how it’s forbidden. Of course it being a joke G2 and I laughed about it. It was time for our next class so we all got up and left (that was the same day and at the same time that G2 and I walked out of the building and saw that fight between those two girls). It wasn’t until hours later when we were on the bus going home (G2 and I take the same bus home) that G2 suddenly gasps and says “OMG I forgot to tell that girl I was joking!” I started to laugh that she was taking it that seriously and told her it was ok she could tell G1 the next day. She replied “But what if I die before I tell her?!” That was pretty hilarious cuz she was dead serious I was of course laughing and I told her in that case I’d go and tell G1 myself that it was a joke and that G2 knew better than to have a BF. Gadr Allah, days went by before we remembered about that joke and were with G1 (we’d usually remember when she wasn’t around and then we’d say we’d tell her next time we saw her). So G2 starts to tell G1 that it was all a joke and G1 starts throwing a tantrum that we didn’t tell her that same day that it was a joke. Before we could explain that we forgot to tell her and had been meaning to tell her she storms off. I had been warning G2 for a while to be careful what she says around G1 cuz G1 is known for storming off over some pretty stupid things. G2 was pretty shocked and the look on G2’s face alone made me laugh. We all had a class in the medical college which is a ways down the block from our college so we have to take the uni bus to get there. We caught up to G1 at the bus stop. G2 tried to make conversation since she didn’t believe G1 could seriously be offended by her forgetting to inform her that it was a joke. G1 completely ignored her and didn’t respond. I was pissed that she was offended and acting the way she was acting and made comments about how some monkeys can’t take jokes. After class at the med college I didn’t see her again for the rest of that day. G2 told me she apologized to her for the joke. I honestly didn’t see that G2 had anything to apologize for but she said G1 started talking to her again after that (meaning she was expecting that apology). I supposed knowing G1 she wanted an apology from me as well. When I wrong one of my friends and it dawns on me (cuz sometimes I’m pretty slow when it comes to realizing things) that they might be hurt or offended by something I did, I apologize. Not just once either. I apologize and do things for them till I am at least 99.999% sure they’ve accepted my apology or at least feel better. It kills me if I don’t apologize and I literally lose sleep and junk over things like that. Part of Tuesday G1 acted fine though I could tell she was still pissed (seems she only comes and associates with me when I can benefit her when she’s in that mood cuz as soon as I was no longer of use to her she stormed off again in an almighty hurry) Same thing Wednesday. On Thursday I was studying for the management exam in the library with G2. G2 was studying for her personal finance exam (praise the Lord I didn’t let them talk me into taking that!). G2 had a class so she said she’d go attend it and come back. Her and G1 have that class together so when G2 came back G1 was with her. G1 said salam I replied her salam and resumed studying. She asked G2 if she could take her work for some project and copy it. G1 said she thought she gave it to her already. Then G2 said something to me about concentrating on studying (my knee was killing me and I was finding it pretty hard to keep my mind on studying for more than a few minutes at a time) and then turned back to G1 and told her to sit with us and study. She noticed I wasn't concentrating again (not sure how she figured that out cuz I was at least staring at the open pages of the book even though nothing was sinking in) and she shoved me saying I had an exam in a few hours and needed to study properly for it. At that moment with out warning G1 stormed off. G2 wanted to know what the hell was going on and I said I didn’t flippin care cuz that storming off bit was getting old and annoying hell outta me. Let her storm off and do whatever the hell she wants to do, I so wasn’t going to be bothered with any of it and I was 100% sure she was expecting an apology from me as dumb as it seemed.

Last night G1 decided to log on msn. She asked questions about our upcoming exam (which I didn’t know the answers for) and asked me about my knee. Formalities out of the way she then asks could I apologize for that joke cuz it hurt her. I was pretty shocked. I asked what the hell I was supposed to be apologizing for cuz she was going to have to enlighten me on that one. She claimed for lying to her, not telling her it was a joke for days and laughing about it. I recall laughing at the time of the joke cuz it was just so stupid and afterwards we were laughing about how many times we’d said we were going to tell her it was a joke and forgot completely about it. – I told her this. She got uppity and said if I didn’t wanna apologize I could just come out and say I didn’t want to. I told her I sure didn’t want to apologize cuz one it was a joke, a joke that wasn’t even about her AND a joke that wasn’t even “mine” so why the heck would I be apologizing? She started going on about why is an apology so hard for me to give. It’s not that an apology is hard to give it’s just that it pisses me off that she believes she deserves an apology for every little stupid petty thing. It's not like she doesn’t joke and laugh when jokes are funny. If you can’t take a joke then don’t joke with others. She tried bringing all this drama about how I don’t “give a damn” about her feelings and how I act like I hate her. It’s not that I hate her, I hate how she has to make a big flipping deal out of nothing and goes around expecting an apology if u so much as drop ur own damn books on ur own damn foot and happen to yell out – she’d claim she needs an apology for you yelling out in her ear. The last straw for me is her claiming I “don’t do a flippin thing” for her. I’m seriously steamed about that. For my friends I do *almost* anything and when I give or do for them I don’t expect anything in return cuz it’s enough for me to see they are happy. I’d lay down my life for most of them and I’m pretty sure they know it too. I’m pretty confident that there isn’t a person that I’ve met that I haven’t done something for but yet here’s someone that was supposedly my friend claiming I don’t do anything for her. It’s for that reason that I usually (and most times automatically) don’t expect or accept things from people even if they are my friends cuz in the end they’ll only remember what they did/gave.

I suspected early on that she’d probably be demanding an apology and dramatize this whole thing and I said I was going to shut my ears and that’s exactly what I’m going to do cuz unless someone points out that there really is something wrong with all of this I so don’t need to be losing sleep.
People who can't deal need to just Get a Life...


katheria said...

gosh reading about her tired me out

El Hazard said...

It is draining when people have to act like that. It's also one of the reasons I prefer to hangout with arabs over Brits/Americans cuz usually they either think I'm really weird or I find most of them intolerably irritating (though I'm american myself..).

And before anyone has a cow, note I said "most" not all brits/americans..