Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Heart of Pain

Here's a new poem I wrote last night.... (I wrote a couple of poems last of them was about Gonu)
Heart of Pain

To the east or west
It matters no less
This pain lessens not
This pain in my chest

Morning and night
Although it I fight
Exhausting my might
Does nothing despite

For freedom I long
For this pain be gone
A mask of stone I don
To hide my pain from the throng

No day pass but this pain does throb
At times I do not but sob
It’s clear I have not the patience of “Job”

I envy not others for that which they have
But to watch them indeed makes me sad
Worthless indeed these I have

Lucky, I think, those without
For these pretend to be pious devout
Though their way a twisted route

There are times I wish them dead
Amongst other things best unsaid
More and more I’m losing my head

Demons in them I plainly see
It festers and bleeds
My heart in need

The day will come
When they are shun
So blame not anyone.


katheria said...

I think it's amazing. This may not be what your poem is about: but I think everyone thinks their life is not 'average', and they struggle just to be 'normal', but there is no 'normal'. It's just the impression it gave me. :x

El Hazard said...

Wow, your good =) That's part of what I was conveying in the poem =D

El Hazard said...

Lol, I wrote two sentences before the title of the poem but mistakenly tried to change the red text to black forgetting that the background of my blog is black.. If u highlight the area just above the second title of my poem you'll see the words.

Bookworm said...

Wow - I've been net-less for the past day or two and missed this post.

Hm..I like what Kath said, and it's true, there is no 'normal' in anything in life. Lots of people out there pretend they have the 'normal, average life' but in truth, no such thing exists.

Maybe one day, you'll grow immune to your demon and nothing it does will give you pain. That's what I hope for.

El Hazard said...

I know what Kath said is true, it's easy to forget at times though.

Immunity to that demon, hmm that's a good way to put it. I'll hope for the same inshalla =)