Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ahlan Ahlan..

I came across these nasheeds in Enshad forum. I seriously can't get Dar Khalifa out of my head.. Ahlan ahlan ya man jitum le abu dhabi dar khalifa ... glad classes are over or I'd definitely be caught humming that one XD (and yes it did happen once, but not in class, I was waiting for the bus and started humming. I didn't realize I was humming aloud until a girl turned and gave me a look like why the hell are you humming at a time like this?! It was hot out there that day and the buses were pretty late.)

دار خليفة (Hamad al Jabri and Ibraheem al Saeed) ***** 5 stars =D

أم الإمارات (Hamad al Jabri) this one is pretty good also, not an ear worm like Khalifa though, lol.

عاش الوطن (Ahmad al Mansoori)

هيه يا من (Fahad al Hosni)

أنا القرآن (Ibraheem al Saeed)

أمة القرآن (al Jabri, al Saeed, al Mansoori and al Hosni)


Bookworm said...

Wow, thanks a bunch!

yzach Allah 5eer =)
(been sooo long since I listened to anything!)

El Hazard said...

ur welcome.. i've been listening to alot lately.