Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Of all the SICK things..

This has got to be the sickest.. They call it "Hopscotch to Oblivion". Sickness at it's sickest if you ask me. I kinda understand why people go and commit suicide even though it's the ultimate in giving up and they know it but sometimes things get to a point where one no longer thinks rationally anymore and if they haven't been brought up being taught that suicide is wrong and that they'll burn in hell for enternity for it then it becomes a most desirable choice and best way to get away from one's problems. I used to be very critical of people who run away from their problems by commiting suicide but recently I've had a change of mind. I'm not saying I approve of it now but if they are going to do it at least don't drag in innocent things like kiddie games and defile them with their twistedness.

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