Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mabrook alaykum al weekend =)

My God, I hadn’t even realized how ready for the weekend I’ve been. Was probably ready for it since the week started.

Even though it’s not officially part of the weekend anymore I still like Thursdays. I really enjoy the feeling after the last class of the day is over. I personally like walking to the bus and as I pass the dorms see the girls, who only live there during the week, eagerly going to their cars where there brothers, dads or mothers (rarely see mothers though) are waiting to take them home for the weekend. Ha, if I knew someone would come for me like that I’d consider moving to the dorms too despite the no pets rule.

Today two of the girls on the bus were talking about the police that stand guard at the front gate. As we passed there wasn’t just one but THREE, plus a police lady. The girls jaws dropped. It was really hilarious how they went on and on about how come the uni needs to have that many police standing out there (they were those type of girls that look at u funny… lol “volleyballers”. They wanted to get dropped at American University but then changed their minds when they remembered that AUS doesn’t have police at the gate, they have “CIA” as the called them. They got dropped on the side of the road outside the University grounds instead.) the other girl added that they must think us some kinda criminals and that we’d wreck havoc beyond the uni grounds if we were allowed to leak out. It was really very funny, especially since that is basically how they think of us. We aren’t allowed to walk out of there unless we came by car and parked our car outside or have some sorta special permission slip. In a way it’s kinda pointless cuz we are “girls” and therefore are bound to come up with ingenious ways to get around those police. They say all the strictness and such is cuz girls would ride out of there with their boyfriends and whatever but it’s common knowledge that if u wanna go out with ur boyfriend after uni all one has to do is get on the bus and get dropped off somewhere on the route – the bus drivers never ask questions - and let said BF come get ya. Simple. In my case I wanted to leave school with my FEMALE friend. I had just seen those police pounce all over two girls that attempted to walk out the day before so I knew walking out was definitely out of the question. I told her come, park the car outside and then walk in. I brought a large pizza and told her to meet me in the cafeteria, it was the plan that I’d walk out with her holding that pizza and the police would see that and automatically assume she was my sister or something and we were going home to eat that pizza with our family. Ha Ha Ha. El Hazard and her friend walked right out of those gates – no questions asked. We laughed about it the whole way to her house.

Lol, if they really wanted the holes in their tight security plugged up they’d have to employ the help of a graduate ;)

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