Friday, May 11, 2007

Caffeine Urges..

I awoke this morning with two desires: A large Caramel Macchiato and to get some studying done for my finals next week.

Realization: Today’s Friday – school cafĂ© is CLOSED.

Fine, I’ll settle for a homemade instant cappuccino..

A search in the kitchen cupboards turns up a “Carrefore” brand weak imitation instant coffee.. Ha, ha HA – as coach would sarcastically laugh. Ain’t no way EL Hazard would lower herself to drink such vile, weak liquid..

sErIoUsLy! The trademark cappuccino “froth” in that stuff is merely two bubbles clinging to the side of the mug! I mean even the VENDING machine at school can manage a semi-glorious froth on your cappuccino! Ha, fine when you don’t have a horse ride a cow right? I’ll drink tea with milk. I search the cupboards again and find every exotic and weird tea the stores carry: Vanilla & Pineapple, Raspberry & Echinacea, Green tea w/ orange, Green tea w/ mint, Green tea w/ apple, Green tea w/ java, Green tea w/ lemon, Green tea w/ ginger…..(Ya waylna min Green tea afan allah!) lemon & ginger tea, sage tea, anise tea, Earl Grey tea, Darjeeling tea, M- something tea (purple box).. Allah yasamhich Umee! Ma 3andna “normal tea”?!

I searched some more and found a box of store brand imitation Lipton. “Fine” I thought digging the box out from underneath “Exotica tea land”. It was oddly light. I opened the box and found it was EMPTY! Nooooooooooooooo! I could hear the exotic teas snickering mockingly.

Allllllll the way in the back of the cupboard I saw a container with tea granules. Aha! I can make karak. Dismissing the appearance of those tea granules (I think they were old and it wasn’t good tea quality aslan..) I turned them into a sick looking imitation karak. Even the color looked miskeen! I drunk it even though I’m very picky about my karak. There are only three karaks that I really like (believe me I’ve tasted many), from the karak shop down the street from my house, Karak at Bookworm’s house, and Karak from a Shamsi lady’s house (her karak was to die for.. it was a cross between cappuccino and karak.. kinda creamy with froth on top).

I drank two cups of my creation and looked like this:

It definitely didn’t arouse desire to study.. so instead of studying I hung around online. It wasn’t until after I went to go reheat that stuff (I had to study and can’t study without some caffeine..) I noticed the cute jar of dried tea leaves Bookworm had given me some time ago. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW I’m saved! (I made tea with that before and it was great) I normally don’t like to waste but I had to toss that awful karak and make a fresh pot.
Hehe, with Bookworm’s tea my karak looked and smelled marvelous. Lol Such great tea would definitely need great milk.. Stole a can of mother’s sacred Rainbow Cardamom flavor milk and dumped it into my concoction. Perfect-o! (Lol, she’ll have plenty to say when she sees the emptied can in the garbage…I’ll justify it, she has more in the closet =P )

Equipped with passing Karak (not as great as any of the above mentioned 3 but a pretty good imitation if I do say so myself =P ) I shall dive into some grammar for my Language Development final..
Ediilee, Allah yakhaleekum!

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