Sunday, April 29, 2007


Here are some random news articles I came across while reading the news.

Guardians of Pizza and Pasta Attack

Camel Pageant

"Guardians of culinary standards in Italy have accused restaurateurs abroad of being responsible for the "barbaric" interpretation of the nation's dishes."
I was laughing out loud at that last bit about the barbaric interpretation. Lol if they could see my Fettuccini or homemade pizza they'd probably go borrow a katana and commit seppuku!

Now that my first book is done (3/4s edited too) I’m feeling anxious to write another. The desire is there but the time and actual 'will to' aren’t. Actually I’ll have plenty of time after the finals. I finish the end of May inshalla. I guess whats really stopping me is the will. Maybe that’s not the correct word for it. I somehow got it in my head that I wanna write something amazing. Amazing without having to resort to obscenity or anything objectable – is that even possible these days?? I had that intention in mind when I wrote POA. My sister made a biting comment about it in less than half a breath and now I feel a bit squirm-ish about writing anything else.

Aside from that there are about a million and one ideas for new stories that I could write, I’d probably give them a try but don’t wanna use any of the usual modes of writing. I want something new, something unique of my own creation. In Language Practice we are exploring modes of writing and it’s various styles. Ironically we’re only looking at the modes and styles of articles not novels or creative writings.

(I did title this post “randomness”. That should have been warning enough to u guys that I’d be subject jumping…)

I so wanna go back to the art institute this summer. I wanna complete all of the calligraphy styles and learn some border new designs. I had intended to go last summer but unforeseen happenings came along and snatched the chance away from me.

I wanna play video games.. lots and lots of them. And then write about them. I was looking at a new PS2/3 game called “God of War II”. Looks interesting. I want to start a visual entertainment club at school. We’d play video games, watch anime (or movies and shows in other’s cases), create new games (I wanna take online game developing and engineering courses) keep a monthly entertainment newsletter in which all the members would be required to write reviews and things about anime, video games etc...
All the uni would need is a decent tennis court and team and khalas I’d officially move in =D

This semester is really nearly done. I wonder if it’s too late to try and propose such a thing?

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