Sunday, April 15, 2007


I don't usually watch movies or tv series - unless they're animated - but sometimes if the show is relatively "clean" I'll watch it. I honestly have no idea why the heck I started watching this new series. Maybe it was the fact that it's about cars and speed... So far I've only downloaded and watched the first two episodes, nothing objective in them. There were some down right funny parts. Especially the scenes with Wendy. There were a few parts I felt I had "something" in my eyes and had to rub at them with vengeance before anyone came in and saw (ha ha). I think I like all the racers except the army guy and his girlfriend (yeah I said his girlfriend but since they are constantly in the car except for the small breaks they get they don't have time to make out or get too najess so it's fine.) I didn't like Corinna at first but after they showed her story I had a change of mind.

I wonder how long this series will last (even though I think it's a great show I just get the feeling they are going to cancel it suddenly like they tend to do/have done with other good series...)


Your Favorite Twinkies said...

El Hazardo san,

This is TOtALLY irrelevant to your post- i just wanted to say...Good luck for your speech midterm tomorrow:)

we'll be rooting for you,
the Chocolate chip Muffin Mafia

El Hazard said...

Twinkies??! =S...

Ok firstly u guys just call me El Haz or EH, drop the "O" and "San"

Yi, Dr. Mehdi sure was nice to let me off today =)

Hahaha, u guys seem to forget that I speak fluent "twin" so I automatically see the meaning in this post ;P (What u guys really mean is: well we watched that promo but we SO weren't impressed - it actually sucked big time - we're surprised you'd actually watch such a retarded show..)HA Ha ha..

I'm going to go practice my speech for thursday.