Friday, March 02, 2007

What a week....

It's been a month now since I joined the university. Everyday is more interesting than the previous and I look forward to the next day (even though I still love the weekends =P ). For this whole month we haven't had much to do though. Class work wasn't that much and homework assignments were almost non-existent. So last week when 2 of the teachers decided to dump involved assignments on us (of course both choosing the same due date and that meant we only had 2 days to finish) it was like the biggest shock. Can I add here that they were both graded assignments... which meant no make-ups and no late hand-ins. When I got home that afternoon I was tempted to just get online, watch some anime and play monopoly (computer version - very addicting). I was in the process of logging on when I remembered the last graded quiz that I had the week before. I didn't bother studying before it and then ended up with a shameful mark. I didn't even have the face to tell the one person that really cares how I do at uni what I got. I had promised myself then that I wasn't going to get anything less than perfect - and why should I? It's not like this is math where I have absolutely no control.
The first day I managed to stay off the net. Just checked my mail and read some news. Did loads of work and finished one of the assignments (took 4 straight hours). The second day there was a pop quiz in Language Development class. I had been inadvertently studying for it. I was calling myself reviewing but in the end it turned out to be beneficial cuz I got 100 and 96 on the two pop quizzes. I had started the presentation assignment when I got home from school that day but felt really sick and decided I'd sleep a bit and then finish off the assignment. I ended up sleeping for 4 hours. I had no time left. The assignment was due in the morning and I knew I didn't have enough free time in the morning to do the assignment then so I stayed up all night and finished it. I really went all out with it and made brochures to hand out at the end of the presentation summarizing the main points and giving a few further tips.
After all of that, Tuesday the Doc decided I, along with 3 other girls would do our presentations on Thursday (yesterday). The Language practice instructor had a quiz prepared for us on Thursday as well. I like the instructor but she has a tendency for making mistakes. There were several in the quiz and even though I made sure to study for it I got an 8 from 10. Normally I'd just shrug it off cuz in the end I was sure I got 10 but she was going to write that in the grade book for sure and that would of course affect my grade at the end of the semester so I bugged her to see the quiz and what it was that I got wrong. She was nice about it and let me see only to find out that I did get a 10. The other girls started complaining and she told us she would fix the marks soon and not to worry cuz those were her mistakes. The speech comm presentation was next. By that time I had kinda been looking forward to it. I had decided I was going to force my nervousness away and give a good presentation. Ha ha HA.. that resolution was the first to go when it came my turn to stand and present. I immediately started reading from my papers cuz I totally forgot what the hell I was supposed to be talking about. The Doc was amused, he liked my topic and where my idea was going but he seriously wasn't going to allow a presentation to be read off of papers. So he took them and told me to start over. I stuttered, umm-ed, coughed and somehow managed to reach the end of the presentation. In the end I'm not sure what I got. Doc told me it was excellent but teachers say one thing and write something totally different when it comes time for actual marks. Is it even possible for someone to get a good mark when the presentation itself is good but the way u present it sucks? Presenting I think would count for at least 3/4s of it, IMO... I'll just have to wait and see what I get on that presentation.
There was a trip to Awafi today. Uni was taking the female students out there. I kinda wanted to go but that would have been a) too early to get up and get out on a weekend (they were leaving the school at 8) and b) that would have been too much time away from net connection for me =P
Anywayz, after I watch a bit of anime and play a round of monopoly, I shall crawl right back into bed inshalla. Sleep batteries need a serious recharge! Lol. After last week I haven't seen any one fall asleep on the bus.. It was on the bus coming home one afternoon that a girl sitting near the front fell asleep. Maybe she was snoring, I'm not sure but for whatever reason the bus driver noticed that she was sleeping and started SINGING to her - or rather about her. His voice wasn't too clear but it was obvious that he was singing and that he was singing about her sleeping. The other girls tried to stifle their laughs - of course moi was the only one that was successful ;) The girl who was sleeping woke up and was sooo embarrassed. The bus driver said she must be really tired and what do we do in the uni that makes us so tired. The girl explained that she has a part-time job in the afternoon. The bus driver said something to the effect of sleep and he'd wake her up at her stop. LOL needless to say the girl stayed awake the rest of the ride.
So, that was last week... next week promises to be interesting as well - Midterms begin on Tuesday....


Bookworm said...

Am so happy you're enjoying uni and your grades ROCK =)

Hope you recharged your sleep batteries by now >.<

I've noticed that uni proffersors like doing that: Attacking students when they don't expect it. Sort of like students are the punching bag and they all hand out kicks and blows (h.w) simultaneously. You can tell them that their game is over since you know their next move(s) :p

I understand what you mean about reading off the paper. Did that a coupla times when my mind had gone completely blank, but then I discovered the Holy FlashCards. Writing down the key points and just glancing at them kinda triggers all the other info. You'll find yourself sprouting the whole book in a min. The next best thing after sliced bread: Flash Cards.

InshaAlla you'll do great in your midterms and other presentations. And trust me, you'll love this presentation business in no time!

El Hazard said...

Arigatou, arigatou hohoho =)

I went off to play monopoly and ended up playing a really heated game with the comp. It went on for 2 hours and 30 mins before I gave up (not something I usually do but I seriously didn't feel like prolonging my humiliating defeat!)

In other words no sleep came to me. I'll sleep early tonight inshalla, though it nearly killed me when I did last night (I crashed by 9:00 on the dot, so unlike me but I was exhausted)

I bought some flash cards for reviewing the zillion and one confusing grammar tenses in hopes of possibly getting a presentable mark on the coming exams.. I think I'll use some during my presentations like u suggested. Thanx =)